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Common question and answers related to career after 10+2, choosing right course in UG level

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 Asking questions are important but asking right questions are more important. The course you choose after your 10+2 decides your career ahead so your future. Sometime, the questions are vague and not clear so sometime the answers. This process involves multiple process and students need to be very careful about it. Let us discuss about it.

Question 1:
Which course should I pursue after my 10+2?
You may get different answers from different people on this. Somebody may ask you to go for BBA, somebody may suggest you to do CA, and somebody will ask you to go for engineering and so on.
See, there is no hard and fast rule for the same. Few people may advise you to do something relevant and many may dissuade you and give you the traditional answer to pursue the course attracting most money. However, I advise you too:
1.       Go to a good online portal providing free aptitude test or visit a good psychologist conducting such psychometric tests.
You may choose following:
You may also search for other various paid and free tests

You may also visit following link

However, I am not convinced with a too generalized approach of the questions there however, it is a great tool to explore career opportunities.

Please note, results of these tests are indicative and also subjective. You need to honestly reply to all the questions. Once done move to step 2

2.       Check whether you really have interest for the subject and career suggested. Once done move to step 3
3.       See your passion. Whether you are really passionate about the subject matter of the course. After that move to step 4
4.       Job/ prospects of the course: Check what kind of career prospects you have after completing the course. Once done move to final step
5.       Top institute and the requirement for the course.

I am sure this will help you.

Question 2:
Which courses give me more money and 100 % placement? I need an MNC job and good salary.
Answer: There are multiple options. First of all apart from the course, an aspirants must have required qualities like communication skills, confidence, other qualities and of course qualifications from a good and reputed institutes. Without this, both are not possible. Alongwith this, to get success in that particular job, you need to have passion about it otherwise you may get a job but may not be able to retain it.

Question 3: Which engineering branch is best/ which MBA branch is best for job?
See, there is no specific rule for this. The importance of qualification is dynamic and changes with time depend on the job market, industry conditions, performance of that particular specialization professionals in the past etc. Always remember to choose a reputed institute with impeccable quality and placement records.

Question 4: Should I choose X engineering/ BBA college?
These are the very common questions and asked more often. Please note that out of the overall engineering and MBA college, hardly 4 % are able to provide quality education and placements. So you need to be very careful. Always check the following:
1.       Ranking of the institute
2.       Whether it has approval from all necessary bodies like AICTE, AIU, UGC, NCTE, PCI, CoA, MCI and so on.
3.       Total fee of the institute
4.       Minimum salary its students get
5.       Maximum salary
6.       Average salary
7.       Time taken to get RoI (Return on investment)
Students have suffered badly after taking education loan and failed to repay due to lack of employment after doing courses from institutes with much hyped advertisement
8.       Check complaint against such institute on online and always speak to its alumni.

Question 5: I want to do MBA, which course should I take in graduation?
See, there is no prerequisite for MBA. MBA is completely different subject and graduate from any stream can apply for an MBA programme. The highest number of students are from engineering (for top institutes), then from commerce and business studies, then science and the last list is from arts stream (hardly 4%). You need to understand that you need to appear for entrance examination to pursue MBA and one of the requirement is quantitative analysis. Considering this, you should opt a course with subject like mathematics, statistic and operation research.

Question 6:
I got X percentile in engineering/ medical CET/ JEE/ NEET and X percentage in my HSC, in which college will I get admission?
See, you should refer to the official website of concerned state department conducting such exam and handling entrance exam. For example, in Maharashtra you should refer similarly and for Andhra Pradesh. You should analyse last years trend and accordingly you should choose an institute. If you become over optimistic and choose an institute with higher cut off, possibly you may lose your seat too. So choose wisely.

Question 7:
I have course A and B in my mind. Which course is easier? I do not want to study a lot.
I have seen students asking this questions too. See, for a science student, studying economics or political science seems to be very difficult and same for an arts student to study biology. It all depends on your own interest, aptitude and dedication. Please never follow an easy way, always follow your passion. If you have interest in a particular subject and you are passionate about it, you will definitely find it easier and you will succeed in it.

Question 8: I have X percent in HSC, which subject I should pursue?
See, choosing a subject is never depend on percentage. Its all depend on your aptitude, interest, passion and career goal. I never had been academically brilliant as I hardly used to study other than the exam days but I always preferred to update myself with current affairs, knowledge and learning newspaper and novels. However, I opted Human Resources and did MBA in same specialization. Nobody would have ever thought that I’ll move in my career like this and today, I am well placed with a well known brand. So it all depends.

You need to be alert and careful while choosing course and university as it is turning point of your career. You may be asked question about your decision for choosing particular course, you may not be able to pursue higher education in your field of your choice due to a wrong selection. You may opt a course for money but you may later find it not interesting and may leave halfway too. It is better to take calculated decision than regretting.

All the best
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  1. Sir i heard that The University Grants Commission has finally given the go-ahead to students to pursue two degree programmes simultaneously...... sir can i do a degree course(ug) and a diploma course(Polytechnic Diploma) in regular mode in same time..

    1. sir can i do a degree course(ug) and a diploma course(Polytechnic Diploma) in regular mode in same time..

    2. you can as far as you can attend both classes

    3. Thanks a lot sir

  2. Sir after completing one ug program in regular mode can i apply for second ug degree program in regular mode in another university ?

    1. yes you can. There is no such restriction


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