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Is cover letter important in job application? How to write a good cover letter

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Recently, one of my friend wanted to apply for a job and sent me a cover letter to review. When I went through it, I found that it does not attract any recruiter. Meanwhile I came across various questions related to cover letter. There were discussion going on twitter, there were question from people- Is cover letter important? Do HR and recruiters really go through the cover letter and so on..

The fact is; 9 out 10 cover letters are not read
Surprising! in other words 9 out of 10 cover letters do not attract HR and recruiter's attention

So, do I mean to say that cover letter is not important?

No, definitely I have not said that. During my career in human resources so far, I have come across thousands of resumes and cover letter But. very few cover letters have attracted my attention and they were really impressive. 

Let me give you 2 real example of cover letter, one bad and one good. 

Example of bad cover letters

Dear sir 
I m desperately searching for job .I have 1 year exp as an electronic maintenance in automotive company .any openings sir. 
Qualification BE(electronics &instrumentation) & Mba (operation/hr management) 

Why is this a bad cover letter?
Although sent as an email, it fails to attract my attention. I do not know what this person into, what does he do, what had been his accomplishment. 

Now look at second example

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for showing interest to become the part of my professional network. I am writing you over here for a small favor of yours. I would like to inform you that I am looking for the job for the position of HR. I have over 5 years of experience working as an HR. I would appreciate, if you can help me to find a job. Please take a note that I can join immediately.
Looking forward to your valuable reply

I do not think any attraction on this either. 

Example of a good cover letter
When, I got this email cover letter, I could not stop reading this. It is well written and show serious interest of the candidate for the job opening and career.
Here we go

Dear Govind, 

This is in reference to a job opening for the role of corporate communication in your organization. 

I have encapsulated below a brief summary of my work for your perusal. Would also request you to leaf through my CV and let me know the best way to take this forward. 

As a PR professional, I have been fortunate enough to learn and work with leading firms which has given me the opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of global and local brands. Working with brands like XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXX, has not only given me an exposure in the XXX, XXXX, XXXXX and XXXXsectors but also helped me learn global practices & trends.

As a manager, my daily responsibility entails ensuring effective implementation of assigned programs, projects and campaigns. Having worked in roles where the responsibility and accountability for the successful execution of any client activity lies on my shoulders, I have developed a clear-cut understanding of the many steps involved in leading a team toward an organizational goal right from planning a strategy to implementing it.

Overall, I believe that my professional experience, intellectual capacity, my skills, and abilities have shaped me into a strong candidate for this position in your organization.

I would appreciate the chance to meet you and discuss employment opportunities. 



This is neither too long nor too short. This is not informal or casual too. It talks about what the candidate had been doing. 

So, is cover letter necessary
Yes, Cover letter is necessary but not the junk. HR gets hundreds of applications for a single position and they may not be able to go through all resumes in details. In such condition, the cover letter helps if it is written well and appropriately. 

Here is few tips

1.)  Change the cover letter FOR EACH JOB and actually have it focused to the job you’ve applied to.
2.)  Study the webpage of the company and indicate how you fit the values/mission/vision of the company
3.)  Keep the cover letter less than a page long
4.)  Mirror the tone of the job description with your own writing
5.)  Add the cover letter to the first page of the resume (so hiring managers don’t have to open up two documents)

So plan your career properly. all the best

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