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AICTE's new decision on making internship mandatory for engineering graduates and how it is going to change recruitment scenario

All India Council for Technical Education is an apex autonomous body under ministry of HRD, government of India look after technical, management and professional education in India has made internship program mandatory for all students from engineering stream. They are suppose to complete internship in core as well as service industry. The decision has come to improve quality of education (technical) in India. 
AICTE regulates and control engineering degree programmes (NE/ B.Tech./ BS/ B.Sc. (engineering), Diploma in engineering, ME/ M.Tech./ M.Sc. (Engineering)/ MS (engineering), MCA, MBA and 2 years Post graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM/ PGPM). It authorises the institute, it grants recognition to the course, decide curriculum. It decides on qualification for appointment of teachers in the institutes and now also started CMAT as an entrance exam for management institutes. 
Please read my following article

Clarification on whether a University need approval from AICTE for engineering, technology and management programme 

The question arises, will this move of AICTE help students to be more employable? 

I do not think so completely but as an Human Resources professional, it is a good move for us. The industry will be definitely get benefit from it so the students. 

Today, when we are aware that hardly 4% of overall gradduates and post graduates including those BE/ B.Tech./ MBA/ PGDM and MCA holders are employable, this decision becomes crucial. 

For students, they will get practical knowledge beyond the classroom where teachers are mostly unemployable in any corporate and a tertiary, low quality product without practical and industrial knowledge and worst in the quality. 

For corporate, it provides them easier way to hire people with practical in hand experience. This also reduce to manpower cost as they can prevent themselves from a wrong hiring. 

I remember, many years back (must be 2000-2002) a unrecognized university emerged (I do not call it fake as the university in first hand declared that they do not have AICTE and UGC approval). It was dnyaneshwar Vidyapeeth. It was a private body providing engineering education with compulsory internship of 3 months every year. Now, this institute does not exist but their practice almost 10-12 years back was admirable for me and I admire it. I am sure if they were honest in their approach and succeeded, they could be another ISB. Today ISB is not recognized by AICTE and it does not require too. It is ahead of many IIMs. 

However, I doubt, AICTE's this move will improve employability and improve quality. AICTE is one of the most corrupt body and unfortunately it is managed by government employed equally corrupt people. I see opening of engineering colleges every part of the the country and those people without any proper knowledge what actually recruiter hires and just thinking that any engineering degree will give them a well paid job (average, except top colleges, an engineering graduate gets monthly salary of around 13000 per month, which hardly 4000 more than minimum wages specified even for an illiterate person). Forget about money, being an engineer, what value they add to the society?  If you want to talk about software applications, for that even a common man with good english knowledge can do it. It is more about value adding to the society and the nation. AICTE has miserably failed in creating such institutes as for them hefty bribe matters.Somebody try to post an advertisement as a comment on my blog where they offer seat through management quota in institutes like Bharati Vidyapeeth (deep down in seat selling corruption and selling seats), D Y Patil, BIT Mesra (was surprising for me). IF we want to create better engineers, we need to revamp AICTE. A body like AICTE is mandatory otherwise you will find a shop selling BE/ B.Tech./ MBA and MCA degree through universities like CMJ, MGU Meghalaya, EIILM, Swami Vivekanand, Manav Bharati, Monad, techno Global and many others to whom I have exposed through my blog on time to time.

Unfortunately, most of we HR professional do not have enough knowledge to tackle the issue and hire anybody with the degree who can perform in interview. This is a big hiring mistake and we end up spending high cost due to non performance of these degree buyers at later stage. 

I am reproducing an excerpts received through cognifront. I agree tp these points:

Why employers like to work with interns?

    Interns often :
  • Bring energy and enthusiasm to the work environment
  • Offer a fresh perspective
  • Can do a great job
  • Suggest new innovative ideas inorder to enhance and shape the future of their profession.

Reasons why internship rocks

    Here are just a few reasons why internships are investments in your future:
  1. Real world experience: Joining a company as an intern gives you the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment. As an intern you're there to gain actual work experience
  2. Networking Opportunities: Internships often give you the opportunity to attend meetings and events. By interacting with professionals you gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a professional environment. When starting a job search, it's important to know that 80% of jobs are found through networking. In fact, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2008 Experiential Education Survey, employers reported hiring 70% of their interns.
  3. Resume Builder: Internship can add an another jewel to your resume.Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume.
  4. Time Management: As an intern you'll become a master of time management. When you're working in a fast paced professional environment you need to know every minute counts.
  5. Decide if this is the Right Career for You: If you're not sure if this is the right career for you, doing an internship is a great way to try it out. Internships are generally short-term, so you can test your future career without committing and find out if it is a career that will satisfy you.
  6. Apply Classroom Knowledge: An internship can be seen as the pinnacle of your undergraduate education and give you the chance to use the skills you've learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. It's a chance to prove the worth of your qualifications and to show that you can perform in the role you've been given.

  7. Career Foundation: Internships provide you with the building blocks you need for your future. Many internship opportunities help you set the foundation for your career.Keep in mind, employers often use internships as a recruitment tool to test out future employees and in many cases, companies hire interns after graduation. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), nearly 50% of employers would like to see an internship on a student's resume. An internship can serve as a screening device for employers. Again, according to a NACE survey, nearly 36% of employers hired employees from their own internship program.

  8. Considering the above mentioned benefits of internship. AICTE took a decision to make internship mandatory in Engineering.

AICTE Report :

    According to a report in Times Of India
  • The All India Council for Technical Education has made it mandatory for all engineering students to undergo internships to up employability levels.
  • AICTE chairman SS Mantha said the idea of NEEM (national employability enhancement mission) was "not to create jobs, but to improve employability".
  • Students in the fifth, sixth and seventh semesters will have to do an internship for anything from three to 24 months.
  • The AICTE is coming up with a plan to register external agencies who can liaise with industry to get internships for students. The registration process will begin in mid-June. "There will be no guarantee for jobs, but students will become employable," he added.
  • AICTE has also signed a memorandum of understanding with BSNL to train third and fourth year engineering students in communication and related fields at 43 training centres across the country. The AICTE will pay for the training to the colleges, which will direct the funds to BSNL. "BSNL has some of the best training centres with world class equipment," Mantha said. The students will undergo 400 hours of training at the centres. Similar collaborations are being worked out in other disciplines of engineering with micro, small and medium enterprises, Mantha said.
  • Another initiative, also under NEEM, to reward and challenge students with potential is the 'Student Innovation Promotion Scheme'. Four regional-level workshops will be conducted, and 10,000 to 15,000 students will be invited to one of them, to work on projects on the spot. MSMEs will be asked to evaluate the project and selected students will be pushed to the next level of design or technology.
  • The AICTE also plans to start a placement portal to link students with industry. Students will be able to upload their biodata in a set format, and industry will be able to search for applicants that meet their requirements. A research portal where all projects by UG and PG students will be put up is also being planned. Both portals will have links on the AICTEwebsite.
To conclude, we can say that

Internship can be an early headstart for your professional career
Good Luck for your future!!! to the students. and although I strongly believe that AICTE needs to do lot of things, so the ministry of HRD, government of India to produce good engineers and making engineers more employable.

August 03, 2014

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