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Articles you should read to improve and plan your career

Hello Friends,
I keep reading as my regular habit. In my various articles earlier on my blog, I have repeatedly insisted on reading. You must read on regular basis otherwise you will be obsolete. 
There are various why and how in our mind when we think about our career. Nobody is perfect but everybody can move an inch forward to fill the gap.

Stop Being Mediocre! How To Become Awesome in your career and profession

This article was originally written by Alan Collins. I must say that he is one of the most impressive author and HR mentor. I feel that such article does not constraint to HR only. All the solutions and points mentioned here applicables to any professionals. Therefore I am changing the wordings. I cannot claim right as an author of this article. Alan has intellectual property right and moral right to be identified as an author of this article even if it is modified according to need.
Please visit following link to read more about above article

There are people who are performing well but not getting dream job. They are doing excellent work but id does not seem that their boss is happy. When they apply for job in other organisation, it is equally difficult for them to get it. One of the solution is to make yourself visible. We know about employer branding, we know about product branding but what about self branding or employee branding? Read more about it at:

Talent is not enough, your visibility is more important to get a dream job

Here are we linkedin fans, we love to use linkedin. We share our update, we search for a job, we connect to people and join group. But, the question is, are we using linkedin opimally and are we taking enough care to give good impression about LinkedIn?
Linkedin is not just about adding people, posting business related message or just getting like button. The first and foremost mistake people commit with linkedin that, they connect to the people related to their need and immediately send message for business proposal and request for job.
This is something weird and may not work. You can optimise your linkedin profile to get a right job. Please read following article

here is the next interested reading:
Most of us are busy in routine task but have we thought about our own career, have we planned it well?
Those who are in public sector I.e. government sector need not to worry as whether they perform or not their job is safe. They are infested on tax payer's money. However, for the people in private sector, whatever is the company, however they are performing, one has to plan their career by themselves.
Here is the lesson from Bollywood, the veteran late actor Pran Sahab. Please click on following link to know more:

Does job security really exist? If no, then what?
Please read following article:

How to create job security

Thats all for today. Have a happy and prosperous career.


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