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I hope reader of my blog remember my earlier article about Avagmah.

Validity of Avagmah online school, its MBA programme and other courses are not recognized and invalid

The link is as follows:

There I had indicated that I am going to write an article about too. Perhaps I am one of the few who dared to write about edukart.

Well, there is big tall claims about edukart and its founder  Ishan Gupta and Mayank Gupta. It will be wrong if I comment on their job, idea and success but edukart is not a unique idea and it is sheer copy of the "kart" culture in India dervied from original Flipkart.. so we have many kart now, lenskart. edukart, collegekart, healthkart, watchkart, familykart, ezeekart, mybabykart, bagskart and so on. 

I think out of all these kart, edukart is most profitable business with least investment as hardly any inventory involves. 

How edukart does the business

There is no difference between thousands shop spread all over India selling distance education degrees. The difference is- this time edukart is authorised by these universities by violating various guideline from UGC, state government, DEB and their own Act which is the basis of their existence is there. 
Edukart is just an agent. It has (probably) signed agreement with this agreement which is if you see through the angle of The Contract Act is a vid Contract (if there is any provision in the contract is contrary to any existing law, the contract itself is invalid/ void). 

Edukart is a business with zero inventory

If you look at any other e-commerce site including Flipkart, they have to take huge risk. They have to maintain physical stock of the product (if they are not selling through a third party) and huge risk if not sold. For edukart there is zero physical inventory. It is a mastermind of b school graduates and I must salute them for it. University's admission seats (for distance education, by violating the norms) are sold and took commission as a commission agent. I think it would have been much better if they would have offered these distance learning institutes hunger for money to offer their services to establish online support, enhancing web learning experience, developing curriculum of these institutes based on their experience from IIM, IIT and Stanford. I am sure, by this way, they would have taken Indian education system specially online, distance, open learning into new height. But it was very difficult as these universities would have not paid money for something like that and convincing them would have been difficult. Then they must have decided, why not to become their agent and sell these degrees. An easier, viable business model to attract venture capitalist, investors and easy to sell. 

India' huge market for MBA and engineering degrees

I am great admirer of my present boss and mentor. Being in a top management position and with lot of rich experience of education system, politics, geography, business, legal framework and the system, he once quoted during one of our discussion- "Do you know why we Indian are good in software, because we are expert in manipulation". No doubt, I fully agree to this. We attempt and succeed to manipulate everything. We do not do things on time and do not take enough precaution and do things right and then we search for a short cut. Today, to get success one need a degree and the most valued degree (as people assume but reality is different) are engineering degrees and MBAs. So few handful state universities and many private and deemed universities took advantage of this. Without infrastructure and without any proper quality, they started to offer the courses in other word, started to sell these degrees. You may may go through my various articles to find out more about them. If you see, in all those cases, finally students only suffered. These universities started to offer "quick degree" "short degree", "one sitting degree", "instant degree" and all of them were either fake offered by universities through their agent. I get many query, people constantly asking "agent said that degree is verifiable and I cannot wait 3 years to do degree, should I go ahead?".
It is different matter to discuss whether HR and organisation should stick to qualifications? Should a degree be determiner of one's ability? Of course not. The education just becomes a way of elimination of applicants. A candidate without qualification but a good performer cannot be always the case, it will be always an exception. 

HR as a business partner need to take lot of care
HR's responsibility is not just filling the position. HR must eliminate any such incompetent people who want to deceive organisation by buying a fake degree. A candidate should have guts to say that he does not have degree and if HR really need it, he can get a fake one for which he has not appeared for exam and not followed the process. Somebody shared his experience about one of his friend how he bought fake degrees including MBA and when HR doubted his credentials, he asked him to spell out his subjects in his MBA, he did not have any clue. Unfortunately, we HR take such background screening test when such candidates do no perform as expected. 

Leaving all these discussion aside, I am focussing again back on Edukart and I leave it on my readers to decide on whether they should opt Edukart or not.

Few clarifications
1. Edukart is illegal official agents of many universities to whom UGC and law has strictly prohibited.
2. I have not found Edukart in the scam of selling degree by violating norms, it is just facilitating admission in those universities. 
3. Edukart is neither an institute nor a university and as specified it is just a mediator facilitating admission and not awarding any qualification by its own.

It offers various courses but most prominent is- hot cake MBA
Distance cum online MBA from
Annamalai University
Tamil nadu Open University
Bharati Vidyapeeth
Shiats Deemed University
Venkateshwara Open University
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
University of St. Mark and St. John- UK

Distance PGDM from:
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
Symbiosis University 
National Institute of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad
Graduate School of Business administration, Noida
All India Management Association (AIMA)
University of PEtroleum and Energy Studies

Above mentioned universities
Rajasthan Vidyapeeth

Above mentioned universities and
Northwest Universities

So here comes big truth
First of all, its claim that all the courses are UGC approved are completely misleading and wrong. 

Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu Open University, KSOU all are state universities and they cannot offer any course beyond the territory jurisdiction and beyond their state in any case. 

Please refer:
UGC has issued fresh guideline on territorial jurisdiction of universities - See more at:

Rajasthan Vidyapeeth:
Rajasthan Vidyapeeth lost its recognition from DEC in 2012 due to its degree selling scams and violating territorial jurisdiction, A deemed university in any case cannot appoint a franchisee, cannot offer course outside its campus. Then how edukart is claiming that the degree has AICTE approval? It is just selling its degrees.

Distance PGDM are not equivalent to MBA
AIU grants equivalence to only full time PGDM. Distance PGDM are not equivalent to MBA. NMIMS has clearly replied to my mail that their own PGDM is useless for themselves, for their research programme.

Here is the reply

Jigna Patel

to me
This is a Distance learning prog of NMIMS.

Our programs are approved by the Joint committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC

We do not allow to pursue Ph.D after completing 2 yrs PG



Jigna Patel
Assistant Registrar
NMIMS Global Access – School for Continuing Education

You may read following article for your reference
Question and answer on distance PG diploma of NMIMS - See more at:

Another lie of Edukart is it is saying PGDM from Symbiosis University. Symbiosis University does not offer any distance programme. It is offered through Symbiosis centre for Distance Learning (SCDL) which is using the brand Symbiosis International University but symbiosis does not award any programme
You may read it as follows:   

Venkateshwara Open University
This is a private university and although it has added word "Open" as per the reply got from UGC, although a private university has named itself as an open, it cannot offer courses outside its campus and cannot open centre. Venkateshwara Open University does not have UGC DEB approval. 

I hope above post will open your eyes. I do not understand why Edukart need to lie upto this extent?

Degree from foreign universities are not valid
AIU regulates and grants equivalence of foreign degree and as per AIU a foreign degree in India is valid only in following case:
1. The said universities have approval from the respective country's government.
2. The said courses from said university should be offered from the university's campus of its origin country. So if it is a university in UK, the students must have obtained the courses from the campus of the university from UK only. 
3. The course must be full time and from the origin county only. 
4. The programme should not be distance, online, off campus, collaborative (except UGC approved collaborative programme). 

Now let us look at edukart. They have not made any such declaration on its website. One of the Edukart's founder has studied at US and he must be aware that doing business with such misleading statement in US could have cost them a stringent lawsuit and penalty. In India it is easy to break law and make money. In this case, both northwest university and  University of St. Mark and St. John degrees are invalid in India (but they are valid in UK)

A big false, the fee is cheapest and affordable
Edukart charge you Rs. 25000 as an agent just to process your forms to the university? (and you have to pay separately to the university. Do you want to pay so much fee (Rs. 25000 to handle your application process)? It is similar of Avagmah. Decision is yours. 

Its certificate courses
It charges for certificate courses but if you search over internet, you will find similar and better courses under MOOC free of cost. I have listed few of them courses in my blog and thats too from top of the world class universities. Then why to pay money?

Free MOOC Psychology course and certificate (online course on psychology) from top global institutes - See more at:

Must to be attended MOOC courses in management, teaching, training, ICT and behavioural science - See more at:

Free certificate MOOC online courses on communication skills - See more at:

I hope this has provided clarity to you. 

Now, you must have a puzzling questions:

1. I am working in private sector, why should I worry about approval?
My dear friend, if you are not worried about recognition, then buy 6 months, 3 months fake degree, why you want to do it from a university only?
The fact is, any MBA does not work.

Please read following article to understand

2. The Universities are UGC approved then why their degrees are not?
UGC regulates distance education now and there is clear mandate, for distance education all institutes have to follow guideline and offer course within their territorial jurisdiction. It has been done in order to maintain quality (of course on paper only).

Here is review from the people on
 Feb 01, 2014 05:33 PM

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  • Information Depth: 
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  • Website Load Time: 

I think EduKart thinks that Indian peoples are stupids. They are just selling ppt slides for rs2000 or rs6000. And if any one been canvased to buy a course from EduKart please consider watching Udacity and Coursera first where they offer high quality education for free

 Jul 05, 2013 08:37 PM

  • Service & Support: 
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I did not like the digital marketing course by edukart – it’s only theory theory and theory – no practical info on how to do the work – course has the content that is already available on internet for free on various websites – what do others feel who have really enrolled for the same course

 Feb 07, 2013 05:55 AM

  • Service & Support: 
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I think he does’t have proper content and good platform cheating to the students. and giving degree from state university that id the distance. so I suggest to my friends don’t go to continued edukart for the education.

 Dec 21, 2012 01:03 PM

  • Service & Support: 
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  • Content Timeliness: 
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  • Website Load Time: 
Out of my basic research, These people does not have any valid content and also does not looks practical. It just waste of money and TIME. For a moment I was impressed the way it sounded to me. Somehow spared few minutes before proceeding and out of that, It looks like they dont have anything.

If you want to spend extra money and still want to get unrecognized degree, you may go ahead. 

All queries are welcome

August 31, 2014


  1. Hello,

    I have been following your blog for sometime now, i am planning for a executive MBA could you suggest any good universities.
    so that i can pursue my job and as well have my higher degree.

    Enrolling through Edukart is a total waste of time. Just be careful. They promise everything under the sun however fail to deliver even 1%.
    Two years ago, I enrolled for Exec. MBA (Venketeshwata Open Univ.). They changed my course to KSOU by themselves but till date could not arrange the online examination for me. Calling them on their support number or writing them is of no use as they will reply in a scripted way with no results or follow up. Finally, I demanded for a refund and one of their AVP (Praveen Kumar) agreed to REFUND my fee on Apr 7, 2015 however till date its pending despite 100's of follow ups. No one contacted me even to help me take the online exams. Seems my words are falling on deaf ears.
    Take a look at the email that I received.

    --------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Praveen Kumar
    Date: Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 5:17 PM
    Subject: Admission - EMBA
    Cc: Contact EduKart , EduKart Webinars

    Dear Manish,

    As per our discussion, this is to confirm that if University takes online assignments for final assessment for both your pending semesters, then you can answer the assignments in given time frame. If the online assignments are not taken by the University then EduKart will refund the fee paid for the course.

    Do let me know if you have any concerns.

    Best Regards

    Praveen Kumar
    AVP - Operations
    5th Floor, HB Twin Tower - 1,
    Netaji Subhash Place, PitamPura,
    New Delhi - 110034, India
    M: +91-8800728637
    T: +91-11-49323333

  3. I really appreciate your efforts sir. You dared to write it for the benefit of students. India needs people like you. Thnk you for awareness.


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