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We need industry established, sponsored, run and managed professional institutes and colleges

There are demands from public and general people that UGC and such other bodies have turned not effective in improving quality of higher education in India and employability. I fully endorse this view. But in India, where greed of people is higher, there are degree buyers so the sellers, we cannot complete do away with such regulating body. 
We have 100+ private universities in India- hoping they will improve quality of higher education but except hardly 7-8 such private universities rest are involved in degree selling rackets. 

I think we can tackle this if good corporate houses come forward and establish training institutes. Organisation like Rustomjee already have ITI, technical colleges in Bandra, Thane and other parts of Mumbai Metropolitan region. Similarly, Mahindra has ITI in Dadar.

At least these corporates can start practical training courses as sponsorship basis and after completing training, they can absorb pass out students to their organisation. I am sure, this will provide us better manpower as 99% of our institutes have failed to create , train effective and useful skills.

During my prior assignment with Metropolis Healthcare Ltd and Beaute Boutique (Former Yardley London in India) I felt stronger need of such training institutes and in fact planned. In Metropolis due to certain reason, I could not implement it (could plan only) and as an Human Resources practitioner, I strongly felt such need. During my tenure with Beaute Boutique, management supported the idea and in fact we started the programme in pilot basis. That had been a good success. There is huge success for such practices specially in the sector like retail, technology, healthcare, FMCG and mechanical/ production units. 

The good news is Tata Sons, Flipkart and Raymond group with Government of India are planning to prepare industrial training course. I feel, not only course, in the line of /Rustomjee and Mahindra and Mahindra, we need many such institutes. For corporate, it is a good and risk free investment, for nation, it is an opportunity to enhance productivity and creating more skillful and employable workforce. 

My current organisation does not have such opportunity or requirement where we need to create such a skill centre but I am sure, somewhere in the future, I am going to be part of such Human Resources practice and initiative. 

Please read related article from The Economic Times as follows. Do you have any such experience? Please share. All comments are welcome.

Tata Sons, Flipkart, Raymond Group to prepare Industrial Training Institutes' course

NEW DELHI: Tata Sons, Flipkart, Raymond Group and Gujarat Industrial Power Company have signed first-of-its-kind agreements with the labour ministry to help design training programmes for the Industrial Training Institutes, or ITIs, in line with specific industry needs.

These are the first memorandums of understanding (MoUs) signed under the 'flexi-MoU' policy of the ministry of labour and employment, which give companies the flexibility to design programmes at the government technical training institutions.

Tata Sons, the holding company of Tata Group, has signed an MoU to work as a knowledge partner in the areas of employability and entrepreneurship by providing conceptual frameworks and thought leadership on policies and processes.

The MoU with leading online retailer Flipkart is aimed at benefiting MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and artisans in building their capabilities and improving their competitiveness.

The agreements were signed at a national consultation, 'Demand-Responsive Vocational Training', meet organised in New Delhi on Friday by industry association CII. Speaking at the event, Gauri Kumar, labour and employment secretary, said the government is looking at partnerships wherein companies can volunteer to help develop a last-mile employability module.

She stressed on the need for a collaboration between industry clusters, ITIs, state governments and career centres to provide training to youth in line with industry needs.

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