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Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) finally admits that its courses are illegal

Hello Friends,

I have been telling readers of my blog about the degree scam of Karnataka State Open University (KSOU). beyond any doubt, from the very beginning, it was crystal clear that The VC and other officers of The Karnataka state Open University (KSOU) were corrupt and for money they sold substandard degrees. In such cases they offered BE/ B.Tec., M.Tech., MBA, MCA and various other paramedical courses by signing MoU with private institutes and sold it like toffee and biscuits through the shops spread all over India (and possibly outside India too), 

I got may query from readers of my blog about validity of education and every time I replied them that the engineering degrees, diplomas, M.E. / M.Tech., MBA and MCA of KSOU is invalid. I even gave enough evidence about it. 

My following blogpost had appeared in March 2014

Following on October 2013 (almost a year back)

You should also refer how territorial jurisdiction of university matters

and following in July 2013 almost a year back

These are the two state universities involved in such a high degree scam. Being a government university, they were not lacking in fund but it was the greed of the university officials, neck deep down in corruption who let sell the degrees through franchisee agreement, through private institution. 

I do not want to focus more on how the degrees from KSOU nd PTU are invalid, unrecognized as I have written a lot on above blogpost. I am also not going to entertain the query if somebosy ask "Is PTU degree valid" "Is KSOU degree valid" "I am from Bengal, can I do KSOU degree" and so on. As the answer is simply no. 

Yesterday, finally the KSOU present Vice Chancellor accepted that their degrees are invalid/ The present Vice Chancellor also accepted that he was aware about it (but he did not do anything). In other hand, PTU has still not done anything. 

Like in every education scam of India, be it private universities of Chhatisgarh prior to 2005, be it present private universities like Monad, Swami Vivekanand, CMJ, MGU, Techno Global, C V Raman, Jaipur National, NIMS, Jodhpur National, Manav Bharati, Venkateshwara Open University to name few, the final looser are students. 

Please, before asking any query, go through the whole blog, I have mentioned about every degree scamster universities in India. Please take pain to go through them. It is your career and you have to take little pain. If you do not get, type your university (about whom you want to name) and 

Now read the news report about KSOU. I exposed them long back and university took almost a year 

Open varsity in Mysore winds up 'illegal' courses

Ashwini Y S, Mysore, Aug 5, 2014, DHNS:
 Admitting that the technical, paramedical, GATE, degree bridge, and bridge courses being offered by it are “illegal” and “invalid,” Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), Mysore, at its Academic Council and Board of Management meetings, held on August 2, decided to wind up these courses.

KSOU had been rapped by Distance Education Council (now dissolved), AICTE, University Grants Commission, Paramedical Board, State government, and other regulatory bodies, ever since it started signing MoUs illegally with collaborative/partnership institutions from 2010-11. 

A CID probe was also ordered into the matter.

Courses including BE/BTech, MTech, MBA, nursing, radiation, aviation engineering (to name a few), and bridge courses (marketed as equivalent to SSLC and PUC/10th and 10+2) were being offered by KSOU, through 202 collaborative/partnership institutions across the country.

Students who obtained certificates in technical and paramedical courses have not been getting jobs or admissions for higher studies. 

Likewise, students who completed bridge courses are not getting admissions in colleges, as both SSLC and PU Board have refused to recognise these courses.

Conceding that students have been “deceived” and “victimised,” KSOU Vice-Chancellor M G Krishnan told Deccan Herald that the varsity will not be renewing MoUs that have ended, and no fresh admissions will be made to these courses henceforth. 

Students victimised

“I have been against offering these courses even before I became V-C. We have not been able to terminate these MoUs for fear of being dragged to court. I belief that these courses are illegal. Students and job seekers have been victimised,” he added.

“I have personally received around dozen complaints. My own relatives’ children who took up bridge courses have been victimised. In another instance, a student’s fashion designing degree obtained from M S Ramaiah after paying Rs 85,000 was not approved by Bangalore University. The dejected student was on the verge of committing suicide. After due consideration, we have decided not to continue these courses,” he said.

KSOU will not renew MoUs that have ended. However, only 10 per cent of 202 MoUs have ended so far, with many agreements stretching between five and ten years. 

“It will be difficult to end all these courses at once. But, we will stop them immediately, if there are no legal hurdles. The varsity has sought legal opinion,” he said.

Rising admissions

In addition to offering in-house courses (approved by regulatory bodies), KSOU started offering  technical, paramedical, professional and bridge courses. 

In 2009-10, there were around 23,000 admissions, which rose to around 30,000 admissions in 2010-11.

However by 2011, it went up to over one lakh, with the varsity signing MoUs with any institution that came forward.  

Of these, major partners are — Mindtrek Edutech, Gurgaon (offering 390 courses); ShirdiSai College of Professional Eduction (SCOPE), Odisha; Sharada Vikas Trust, Bangalore; Algol Business Systems; Virtual Education Trust. A majority are from North India, with study centers across India. 

KSOU gets only 25 per cent of fees from each student enrolling in these courses.
During Krishnan’s period, 27 MoUs have been signed. “Of these only two or three of them are offering technical courses,” defended Krishnan.


Open University Abolishes Technical, Paramedical Courses

MYSORE: Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) has finally decided to wind up all technical, paramedical, Bridge and Gate courses offered by its collaborative institutions across the state from this academic year.
A decision to this effect was taken a few days ago in the Academic Council and Board and Management (BoM) meetings in the wake of the varsity coming under attack from various regulatory bodies which had termed these courses ‘illegal’.
Vice-chancellor M G Krishnan said that the Academic Council and BoM have taken three landmark decisions which together means that all ties with the collaborative/partnership institutions is snapped.
It prohibits the private institutions from offering admissions to Gate, Bridge and Degree Bridge courses and also in-house courses like BA, B.Com, MA, M.Com, B.LiSc, M.LiSc and others. This means henceforth, no private institutes can offer courses, stating that it has recognition of the KSOU.
Asked what prompted the university to take a decision to this effect, Krishnan said that several collaborative institutions were involved in fraud and misleading students. They were claiming that the technical, paramedical and bridge courses are recognised by the Karnataka government and other universities while it was not.
He said these courses were only intended to help the people in lower categories of jobs in their promotions and increments. Krishnan who was flooded with complaints, said he was very much concerned about their future.
In one case, he said a girl student who had completed Bridge course and took admission to a fashion designing course at MS Ramaiah Institute, Bangalore, by paying `80,000, committed suicide after she was told that the Bridge course was not recognised.
KSOU Academic dean Vikram Raje Urs said that a few institutes especially in Bangalore with whom the university had entered into an MoU brought bad name to the university by indulging in fraud which  led to the abolishment of these courses. They were fleecing the students by making false claims.
He said that the dissolution of Distance Education Council, Delhi, which was funding technical courses also contributed towards abolition of the courses.
He said now the KSOU is streamlining the entire structure.


  1. Sir,
    I had taken admission in Msc (Chemistry) in distance mode through KSOU via its franchisee Viswadeepthi college, chitoor (AP) at odisha in the year 2012-13 and completed 2nd year exam. I am yet to get the certificate.
    My query is that whether the same degree is valid or not.
    Further, after going thorough its website I came to know that KSOU's franchisee have their own websites & syllabus for the same course is different with different franchisee e.g. Msc chemistry offered by KSOU is semester wise in few institute & is annually by few institutes. Whether course offered by a single university can have two different syllabus and examination pattern?

    1. The degree is not valid on following ground

      1. UGC declared KSOU degrees are invalid due to violation
      2. KSOU cannot offer any course through any other partner institute
      3. KSOU has to have its own regional centre, within Karnataka State only
      4. Courses offered by same university cannot have different syllabus and different assessment

  2. Please Help..!!!
    Please assist i had taken admission for KSOU on FY 2015 for MBA 2 years my first sem results displays at link pleae let me know is it valid to process further study or not i am from Maharashtra please assist if any one have idea..

    1. KSOU is not allowed to admit any students as they have not got approval yet. They are also not allowed to offer any course through any other institute even if they get approval in near future. The institute is making fool of you.
      KSOU can admit students in Karnataka state only

  3. Please help me out...
    Please assist me i have MBA IT degree from KSOU year Jan 2011-Jan 2013..and i have marksheet as well with me...could you please confirm my degree in valid or not... please help me i will be very thankful to u...

  4. I have took admission for bcom ksou in 2015 in bangalore.this is my second year. Is my degree valid.please help


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