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degree scams of Indian private and deemed universities and violation by distance learning institutes


I have already written plenty on this and you can scan my blog for all the article. 

Here is, the reply I have sent to UGC as well as DEB with whom I have been coordinating and complaining about wrongdoing of many universities in India.
These universities are mostly private universities and deemed universities from the states where state of education is very poor still we can see every week, a new university is emerging. I am going to disclose the whole communication with DEB, DEC, UGC and ministry of HRD once I get reply from them. 

Please go through each link and spread message. Please do not opt private universities mentioned here for your degree need whether distance learning, online, offline, off campus, industry integrated or under any name. Please read and share maximum.


Thanks a lot. I hope finally after years, I will get reply on action taken so far on University of madras as well as errant universities. 

I am attaching pdf copy of email sent to University of Madras, DEB as well as CM-TN which is self explanatory (and yes, have not got any reply on this mail sent on 12th August 2014 so far)

I am also providing list of critical degree scam and violation happening through state universities as well as private universities. The fact is- UGC as well as DEB (erstwhile DEB) were well informed about it. 

Here are the links: (Amity is selling online degrees now in African countires as well)

Mostly private universities in India are violating norms and selling degrees backdated through agents (and these agents are giving guaranteed verifiable degrees in 3 months thats too backdated. You can read comments of my various reader)

Surprisingly, UGC allowed private person to start open universities in Nagaland (TGOU) as well as Arunachal Pradesh (Venkateshwara Open University). I wrote to venkateshwara Open University but they have not replied so far.

How Bharathidasan University is selling degrees through an agent

How Osmania University (A rated by NAAC) always controversial

Here is techno global University selling degrees in engineering and management like hot cake. It is another EIILM and CMJ

MGU shillong still selling the degrees

Here is Manav Bharati University degree scams too

Here is few partial list of degree selling private and deemed universities

Shridhar University's degree scam- a never ending story

Following is blogpost for my reply to UGC on suggestion of draft for distance education regulation.

It was never implemented and the report/ replies from all people were never made publicly available. 

Here is one of the comment
"Dear Mr. Govind, 

The institute name Indian academby in Saudi arabia & in beharain is offering courses for Alagappa University and exams are also conducted on saudi arabia. so my question is that giving exam in saudi arabia or in bahrain is valid ?



So if it is a violation, how do you expect a student should know? For them, a university is approved and thats enough.

TGOU, it has not sold the degree but its students disallowed for higher education and public sector job becuase it could not ecure DEB approval and violated territorial jurisdiction. What is the student's fault in this?

How Jaipur National is running degree racket and selling degree through agent i.e. UTS Global

Many private universities are offering PhD degree, god knows when will this stop. I created following article for awareness which saved many but was not it UGC's responsibility?

CMJ, MGU, EIILM- have UGC and DEB ever seen what happened to innocent students and how many their fake degree circulated in the market. Fake- because those students never appeared for exam. They paid money and got degree.

Swami Vivekanad and C V Raman must be feeling ahamed as their name is used in degree scam

I have chat transcript from a girl who is doing MA from Kolkata from Swami Vivekanad and they are being harassed every time. They lost their 2 valuable years.

A full article on EIILM fake degree racket

PTU and KSOU who sold degree like fruits and vegetabled and made thousand crores
UGC did nothing other than issuing notices

MGU shillong degree scam

There is Assam Down Town, there is Assam Don Bosco- both are selling online degrees

I do not know what stops you to take action. This is the way our highest education regulation functions. 

UGC list 20 odd fake universities but infact, more than 150 exist in India. I have made a full list
Here is the list I made in 2011

I cannot hope from UGC as well as DEB to be proactive and taking their job seriously. Still, let see how you people reply on your apathy.


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  1. Hi Rajesh,
    Well point made. I agree, Bharatidasan University is also violating territorial jurisdiction.


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