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University of Pune External admission 2014-15

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Unfortunately, University of Pune does not offer management, technology or related programme through external mode, so this post may not be useful for many of the working people looking for similar kind of course. However, those who are working, looking for a recognized degree course, a reputed university and safe option or looking for lifelong learning- they will get benefit from it.

University of Pune is one of the most reputed universities in India and I rate it much ahead and much better compared to University of Mumbai.

Courses offered:
 Bachelor of Arts (BA)- 1st year

Bachelor of Arts (BA)- 2nd Year

Bachelor of Arts (BA)- 3rd Year

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)- 1st year

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)- 2nd year

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)- 3rd year

Master of Arts (MA)- Part 1

Master of Arts (MA)- Part 2

Master of Commerce (M.Com)- part 1

Master of Commerce (M.Com)- part 2

Important dates for admission:

1st August to 2oth August- without late fee
21st August to 21st September- with late fee

Documents required for admission:

Please see below:

Common question and answers:

What is the difference between an external programme and a distance learning programme

Technically nothing. But external programmes are not a distance learning programme. In a distance learning programme, university must provide study materials, coachings etc.

How reputed is this course:
Very reputed. University of Pune is a well reputed university.

Does it admit students from other states:

Where does it have exam centres:
This university is strictly adhering to its territorial jurisdiction. Exams will be only in the affiliated colleges under its jurisdiction i.e. Pune, Lonavala,Malegaon, Shrirampur, Sangamner, Baramati, Nashik Road, Karjat,  Ahmad Nagar, Nashik, Shirdi. You will find details at the time of admission.

Does it provide study materials
No, You have to buy it from book stores in Pune and wherever it has affiliated study centres.

What are the specialisation available for BA and MA
For BA, you can choose following subjects:
English- Compulsory
Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, education, Economics, Politics, History, Public Administration, Psychology, Mathematics, Sociology etc.
You can get more details after logging in. For MA, the subjects are : History, Politics, Economics, Mathematics etc.

Does it admit students who have not passed 10+2 but have passed 3 years polytechnic Diploma, Diploma in Pharmacy, ITI, D.Ed., 11 years SSLC old model?
Yes, it does. But D.Ed from Maharshtra only.

Do we need to submit original documents
Yes, only migration and transfer certificate original, rest attested copy only.

What is the fee:
For BA 1st year the course fee is Rs. 6070. It is comparatively highest compared to most of the Indian Universities

How to apply:
Please apply online by visiting following link:

What is the mode of fee payment:
Only bank challan. No credit card, debit card or online transfer

For details about all the universities offering distance learning courses in Maharashtra, please refer following article:

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August 10, 2014

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