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Think before joining Amity University including Amity Mumbai- Recruiter's why should not you recruit from Amity

Let me explain first, I am neither biased against Amity or any private universities in India. My whole intention is to create awareness amongst us.
Education is low risk and high return investment for politician and criminals and recent activities of private universities and deemed universities in India point out so.

Before going through this article, please read following article too

I do not know despite of all these records available on UGC website, how Maharashtra Government allowed Amity to establish as a private university in Maharashtra. 
Amity, by violating UGC Act on private universities, had already opened campus in Mumbai much before of starting this campus. 

Let me explain one by one:

Status of Amity University, Mumbai (i.e. Panvel, Navi Mumbai)
It has been established as a private university in Maharashtra by passing an Act in Maharashtra State Legislature. 
This is just a basic need. Apart from this, being a private university, it has to comply with various other norms. 
Currently, Amity Mumbai is offering following courses:
B.A. (Hons.) - Applied Psychology
B.A. (Hons.) - English 
B.A. - Tourism Administration 
B.A.,LL.B (Hons.)
B.Com. (Hons.) 
B.Sc. (Hons.) - Biotechnology 
B.Tech. - Biotechnology 
B.Tech. - Civil Engg. 
B.Tech. - Computer Science & Engg. 
B.Tech. - Electronics & Communication Engg. 
B.Tech. - Mechanical & Automation Engg. 
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication 
BBA - 3 Continent 
BBA - Construction Management 
BBA - Real estate and urban infrastructure
Master of Journalism & Mass Communication 
MBA - 3 Continent 
MBA - Real estate and urban infrastructure 
MBA – Construction project management 
MBA- Urban Management

Being a private university, it has to offer the course from within its campus only i.e. at Panvel. It cannot start any off campus courses, it cannot offer courses outside its campuses so its 3 continent courses are non-recognized and violation itself. 

Second, yes, as a university, it can offer general courses without any prior approval. These courses are BA, B.Com, B.Sc., BBA, BCA, BFA, MA, M.Com, M.Sc. and other general graduate and post graduate courses. However , to offer professional and specialised courses, they must take prior approval of concerned professional body. In India, none of the affiliated college start a course without approval and University ensure they have prior approval. Amity has never done so. So far, its Noida campus also does not have all necessary approvals. 

Its Mumbai campus
So far:
For MBA as well as B.Tech it does not have AICTE approval

For LLB and LLM programme, it does not have Bar Council of India approval

Please check following:

How students will be affected?
Those who want to opt for higher studies after completing BE/ B.Tech/ LLB / LLM and MBA from here, they will not be able to do it due to lack of mandatory approval

Those who want to study abroad and apply for job also may not be able to do it

Those who want to apply for public sector job/ government job may not be able to do so.

Those completing LLB will not be able to enroll as an advocate as the institute is not approved by Bar Council of India. 

The placement and ranking of Amity are fake and above article say it about clearly. 
Following article by an ex Amity engineer clears it
in his word
"Today, Amity is indeed a big brand name but don't go by its brand name. Its just fake and earned by numerous advertisements at different levels and false publicity. Do research at ground level and you will know the truth."

  • Since recruitment information is provided only in ATPC website, students from other campuses rely only on official site of Amity. Now, to prevent students from other campuses to come for recruitment process, ATPC ,deliberately adds information to its official website just few hours before scheduled recruitment process so that students from other Amity Campuses couldn't participate in recruitment process.
  • Secondly, they prevent other campus students by clearly mentioning in recruitment process information that only students from Amity, Noida  are allowed in the recruitment process.
  • Thirdly, their worst move, they will never make you clear the written process. It doesn't matter how have you performed in written test. Many of the batch toppers from other campuses also fail to clear the written process. The only way you can clear the written process is when the written test is conducted online, since its not in their hands.  "
there is reason to believe on above mentioned fact as UGC ha confirmed violation on its website. 

Another student write about it on lawyersclubIndia webiste

Please refer:

In Taj corridor case, there is an FIR lodged against Amity founder for threatening the complainant.
Please read:

Another blogger from North India confirms project Vijay and points several irregularities in Amity

On reputed user review website mouthshut.com you can find following reviews:
affairs of Amity are all nefarious and dubious.  
No Placement - Civil Engineering course at Amity!  

These all are reaction from students. 

for Recruiters:
Amity has been offering MBA, BBA from its unauthorised Mumbai campus for a very long time (even before 2010 and without prior approval from UGC). I feel they must have highly bribed Maharashtra minister and government officials to get this Act passed to established private universities in India. 
I am not saying that an institute mandatorily have AICTE approval for a quality learning and education. But tell me, how many non AICTE approved organisations are really offering quality education? (I do not think except ISB, anyone else exist).

Amity is same fraud as IIPM. IIPM fooled students many years with its inferior quality. Hardly, few handful with their own ability could get job and placed in good organisation by their own and rest all of them still struggling and majorly employed by IIPM only for few months and then kicking them off. 

People need to think and need to be aware. Do not enroll yourself, your children, your relative in this institute (Amity Mumbai or any Amity). You may be loosing your money. 

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