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GITAM University distance MCA, MBA and other programmes and its recognition, value and review

Before start to write about recognition and non recognition of GITAM University distance education programmes as well as the whole world and word of "recognition" I must clear doubt in people's mind that why I am so much focussing on recognition. How does it matter if somebody want to do it just for private job. 

Well, if any institute/ university provides quality education and completely focussed on it, I am least worried about its AICTE and UGC recognition. I fully accept that whether it is AICTE, UGC, PCI, NCI, NCTE, BCI or any other bodies, they are too busy in making money (and recently read how the corrupt, a big stain on Indian higher education V N Rajashekharan Pillai i eyeing to get advisor to MHRD or similar position. This is the same guy who brought black day for Indian higher education by taking bribe from Sikkim Manipal, Punjab technical and hundreds of private institutes and made money. 

See, when the institute i very reputed, at least you are least worried that even in a private sector, your degree will be accepted. When we talk about quality, the instituted violating maximum norms are least worried about providing quality or committed towards education.

Thats why in one of my earlier posts, I advised that those people who are interested in quality education like MBA, MCA and are from Chennai and nearby area, they should opt Anna University's distance MBA and MCA for certain reason:
1. It did not offer the course through private franchisee
2. It offered courses within the area where it had affiliated colleges
3. It was amongst top and reputed technical colleges and universities in India.

Although it did not seek AICTE, UGC approval but it fully complied with the guideline.

But question is how many such institutes are really focussed on providing quality education? Hardly any. 

Now, I am also reproducing here a chat transcript about acceptance of MBA programmes

Hi Govind, sorry to disturb you on a Monday.
how are you doing?
hi good morning, no worry. All fine

Govind, do you have any suggestions for part time MBA in Hyderabad?
for Bombay  JB would have best, however my locatiion shift to hyderabad has no other options
so I wanted your suggestions/opinions on it.

JNTU and Osmania
check with them

are they recognised by the concerned bodies?

both have AICTE approval and reputed one
prefer JNTU

ok jntu as per you
will check them out...
thanks a lot Govind, you have been the go-to person since my start of research in this line
also, do you think part-time mba is better than distance mba from uni of hyd or pondi?

part time is better both in terms of quality as well as acceptance
Pondicherry is also a good option
If you opt Pondicherry, the benefit is- you can opt exam centre anywhere in India

you know I am more concerned about the acceptance because of the stigma against distance mba
pondi is definitely a good choice and flexible, however does the industry look at it with a positive sense, is something which has got me switngin betwwen part time and distance

See, the thumb rule is- if industry is specifically looking for an MBA, they look at tier 1 B schools like ISB, XLRI, IIM, NITIE, TISS, NMIMS, SP Jain etc. so these people are hired as a management trainee and elevated into the position soon. Then the preference goes to tier II B school again full time graduates. except these, the rest of the B school that constitute almost 95% of B schools in India does not hold value.
Third preference goes to executive/ part time MBA basically meant for the working executive who has a management degree additionally so it avoid any conflict and ego between new hires who are MBA and reluctant to report a non MBA boss, also in the case where candidates are exceptions but they are helpless as policy says the candidate must have an MBA
In such case a part time management degree, preferably MBA from a good institute
There are institutes  like FMS, KJ Somaiya, JBIMS come into the picture
4th preference goes to other state university distance edu but reputed one like Madras University, Kurukshetra University, Bharati Vidyapeeth etc.

hmm hmm


Rest like SMU, ICFAI just add the tag and candidates never get the added advantage of the degree/ They get the job solely based on their own ability and quality

So I hope I am able to clarify whether a full time MBA or a part time MBA or which distance MBA is suitable for working professionals. Please search on my blog, there are enough guideline and article about it. 

Now let us talk about GITAM University

GITAM is a private university.
 GITAM is a deemed university and as per the guideline from UGC, a deemed and private university cannot offer any course outside its campus and also it cannot offer distance learning programme through franchisee mode, including by appointing a study centre. 

However, GITAM opened study centre in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which are invalid. For full time course, it may be good but that is also subject to certain inspection
please refer http://blog.simplycareer.net/2013/06/ugc-has-issued-fresh-guideline-on.html

Review from one of the google
2 weeks ago-

only good for rich kids.. middle class ppl dont risk..
university is avg

nt worth of fee

i mean hyd campus
no infrastructure..

As per its website, it has campuses in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore.

its full name is as follows:

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM),

DEB recognition:
This university has approval for current year i.e. 2014-15 and thats too only for its Visakhapatnam campus. As per UGC DEB directive, being a deemed university , following reply applies:

1. It cannot offer any course outside its campus.
2. The distance learning courses to be offered through its approved campus only
3. It should not offer courses thrugh any private study centre, by any means other than its own staff.

1.. It is offering courses across the state of Telangana, Seemandhra (AP) and Bangalore through 100+ study centres.
2. Possibly, it does not have approval from AICTE to offer these courses through distance mode.
3. Its MBA does not have approval from UGC DEB
4. It does not have approval from DEB to offer MBA programmes in distance mode.

I sent a detailed questions to GITAM University but so far I have not got the reply from them. GITAM University has got approval for distance education but will few specific conditions.

Please refer

there in column XII it is clearly mentioned that offering courses through franchisee mode is not allowed.

GITAM has clearly violated this policy. Imagine an institute which claims to be high in standard and supposed to teach ethics to students are self unethical. 

Who should worry about recognition

Those who want to apply for a government job after completing.
Those who want to apply for job abroad on their ow
Those who are looking for knowledge and not just a degree.
Those who are looking for higher study in India and abroad
Those who are not a degree buyer but a knowledge seeker

Should I opt GITAM University then?
Its your choice. I am helping you to make informed decision. 

What about full time courses of GITAM University?
Unfortunately, GITAM University does not have displayed AICTE and UGC mandatory disclosure. If it really claims to be such a reputed and honourable university , why it is not making mandatory disclosure. 

September 09, 2014

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  1. sir,

    I am from andhra pradesh I hope from this link you can get answers :http://www.gitam.edu/cdl/Faqs.aspx. I dont know why you said that Gitam courses were not recognized if it was not reccognized then how come students join and get jobs in govt and private sector and some of them are again joined in new courses with these certificates into other universities.I hope if the courses not recognized then surely they have to punished by law and recognition given boards.


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