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Pondicherry University Directorate of Distance Education admission notice for 2014-15

Dear Friends,

I had informed you about why one should pursue a distance education from a central university. Till now, except IGNOU hardly any central university had the national reach. Pondicherry University is one of the such option but till now, it used to offer only MBA programmes and then increased to PG Diploma.

The Good news is, Pondicherry University has started to offer BA, B.Com and BBA courses through distance mode as well as MA and M.Com. The courses are limited but will definitely benefit many. 

By now, the regular readers of my blog must have understood about distance education, process and validity. Those who are not aware may read my following articles. 

Why should you opt a central university- a snapshot
Central university has jurisdiction all over India to offer education in distance mode hence its degree becomes valid.
There is a least chance that degree of a central university will not be recognized by UGC or DEB as central universities are established by Ministry of HRD, government of India and always are high in quality, also these universities are 100% funded by Government.

2.       Pondicherry University
a.       It is a central university.
b.      It is among top 10 universities in India
c.       It is highly reputed
d.      It is not involved in commercialization of education
e.      It has compulsory PCP (classes on weekends) and 75% attendance is mandatory for III and IV semester i.e. specialization semester
f.        You may start with PG diploma of 1 year and then you may get lateral entry into MBA second year. This flexibility is very good who are not able to decide whether to go for MBA or not.
g.       Its almost 60-70% faculties are with corporate experience so chances of getting practical knowledge is more
h.      Its exam pattern is 80% theory and 20% compulsory case study which is better than many university’s evaluation pattern.
i.        It has exam centre in almost all cities
j.        It has distance as well as twinning programme. In distance, you need to attend around 8-10 weeks of PCP whereas twinning is part time where you need to attend class every weekend.
k.       It is very economical. Since it is fully funded by central government, the total cost for MBA comes to around 35-40,000 which is very low.
l.        Good in student support
m.    Valid for higher education in India and abroad
n.      A grade by NAAC (an independent assessment body of UGC)
o.      Valid for attestation by Ministry of HRD
p.      A MBA not a diploma, so adds better advantage
q.      Many people in corporate are from Pondicherry so it has its own brand value (definitely not a top B school but a good university)
r.        Valid for UGC Net/ Ph.D and other programmes
s.       Irrespective of the your address, you can appear for exam from any centre so great flexibility in case you change your job to other cities/ gets transferred
t.        Fee of Rs. 4925 only for the entire programme (except exam fee) for physically challenged
u.      50% tuition fee discount (i.e. fee other than study materials, centre, exam etc) for prisoner, women, transgender, widows, defence personnel so making it cheaper than an ordinary courses, so almost discount of Rs. 10,000
v.       You may appear for all 4 semester exam together at the end of the 2 year or whenever you decide, so if you miss anything, you do not waste your year
w.     You may attend classes anywhere in India, no restriction

3.       Disadvantages
a.       Study materials may not be of very high quality
b.      Passing exam is not very easy. 50% people drop after completing 1st year due to non commitment
c.       No mass copy/ malpractices reported so far
d.      Few faculties may be too theoretical, few centres may not be that much good
e.      Centres not available outside India
f.        Poor network in northern India
g.       Courses offered to fresher also which is bad. MBA should be offered to people with experience only and distance courses should be offered only those with minimum 3 years corporate experience.
h.      Not good for freshers as this degree may not help them to fetch them a job.

Exam centres:
1.       Puducherry
2.       Chennai
3.       New Delhi
4.       Madurai
5.       Bangalore/ Bengaluru
6.       Kochi
7.       Hyderabad
8.       Bhubaneshwar
9.       Lucknow
10.   Guwahati
11.   Jammu
12.   Port Blair
13.   Coimbatore
14.   Trivandrum
15.   Vishakhapatnam
16.   Vadodara (Baroda)
17.   Mumbai
18.   Indore
19.   Chandigarh
20.   Guntur
21.   Mahe
22.   Karaikal
23.   Tirupati
24.   Yanam
25.   Kolkata
26.   Jaipur
27.   Sikkim
28.   Vijaywada

Courses offered:
MBA in marketing
MBA in Finance
MBA in international business
MBA general management (so specific specialization)
MBA Retail Management
MBA Tourism Management
MBA Operation and Supply Chain Management
MBA Insurance Management
MBA Hospital Management
MBA Entrepreneurship

PG Diploma (duration: 2 Semester)
PG Diploma in marketing management
PG Diploma in Human Resources Management
PG diploma in Financial Management
PG Diploma in Business Administration

After completing the PG Diploma, you may get lateral entry into 2nd year of MBA

Duration: 2 years i.e. 4 semester
For MBA hospital Management:
Bachelor of Pharmacy or BAMS, MBBS and any other field related to pharmacy, paramedical, medical, life sciences or any graduate with 2 years experience in hospital

For other specialization: Any graduate

Fee: 25000 for entire 2 years MBA except exam fee and around 55000 for MBA in hospital management
What do you want now?
Do you want to pay 60000 to 1.5 lakhs to unrecognized low grade ICFAI, Sikkim Manipal and such other degree universities when you are getting much superior MBA at 1/4th of the cost?

Other courses in offer:
BA Hindi
BA Sanskrit

MA Hindi
MA Sociology
MA English

PG diploma in event management
PG Diploma in Journalism and mass communication
PG Diploma in tourism management
PG diploma in retail management
PG Diploma in patent law

Deadline: Please apply by 30th September 2014 (They may extend the date) admission opens twice a year, next will be between January 2015 to April 2015

How to apply:
Please apply online at The university does not have any admission centre,  any study centre, franchisee who sells the degree. This is the difference.

All questions and comments are welcome
Mumbai, September 22, 2014
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  1. Hello Sir,

    I have around 3 years of experience in software testing.I am presently employed with a small startup company in bangalore. I am interested to persue MCA in distance/online mode. I would request you to suggest me a good deemed university to persue MCA in Bangalore. I am not interested to go ahead with IGNOU as you have mentioned in your articles as IGNOU some how lost its reputation to avail recruiters interest. I am looking for a good institute as it should benefit in both professional as well as higher studies concers. Please provide your inputs.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi,

    IGNOU has not lost its reputation but few recruiters do not prefer it due to its "open" tag.
    You may opt University of Madras which has exam centre in Bangalore however, my advise is, you should appear for all practicals and lectures as and when conducted at Bangalore but appear for final exam at Chennai at the campus of university if you are looking problem free degree for higher studies. For private jobs, you need not to worry

  3. Thank you sir. Will follow your suggestions.

  4. Dear Govind,

    After reading your blogs I have come to know that my NMIMS PGDBM is of no use ! I am 33 years old, with 12 years of experience and am a part of the senior management in a company. Now I am thinking what I need to do. I did hotel management after completing my 12th in Science and have an american degree and that's not recognized. So, i did the diploma first from NMIMS and after completing my 1st year, I was laterally moved to PG Diploma and was told that its now MBA equivalent. Some where in my mind i knew that "its not" MBA equivalent but sought it diligently and finished the course. Now after almost 3 years, I thought lets take another academic qualification and came across your blog and what a revelation. So as per your suggestion and my understanding I thought of doing PG Diploma from Pondicherry university and then laterally move to MBA. But to my surprise I can't even do a PG Diploma coz I don't have a recognized Bachelor's degree.
    Please advise, what can I do.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi,
      If you are organisation is accepting your unrecognized degree, I do not think you need to worry.
      Further, if you really need to have a recognized MBA, there is no other way than doing a graduation first.
      Alternatively, if you are looking for an MBA only but not from the low, degree selling institute, you may check about MBA from University of Wales, UK offered through TASMAC in India. It is offered in part time mode. This degree is not recognized by UGC, AIU and AICTE but may be accepted in the corporate. Please check carefully before deciding. It may cost around 2.5 lakhs

  5. R/Sir
    I want to bring in your kind notice that many state, private and deemed Universities are offering traditional as well as technical courses through ODL programs out of their territorial jurisdiction .Even many Universities had not been approved by DEC in the past. Now some Universities are making the innocent students fool by saying that their institution is approved by UGC, therefore there is no need of DEB's approval for distance education programs because DEC has been merged into the UGC.
    UGC and DEC have been issued many public notices about the Territory jurisdiction of the Universities but this malpractice is continued even now. In the light of the above mentioned facts, i want to seek the following information.
    (1) Can any state, private and deemed University conduct exams out of its territory jurisdiction for ODL programs?
    (2) Can any state, private and deemed University exceed its acts and statutes to offer courses out of its territory jurisdiction through ODL programs?
    (3) Can any State, private and deemed University confer degrees out of its territory jurisdiction through ODL programs?
    (4)Can any state, private and deemed University make examination centres out of its territory jurisdiction for ODL programs?
    I hope that you will provide me the above mentioned information according to rules and regulations.
    Thanks Yours faithfully

  6. dear sir,

    Pondicherry university offering MBA in operation and supply chain through distance learning mode and there is no information of such program me on DEB website, according to university, approval pending since 2013. Can I join this course?

  7. Hi Sir,

    I am presently employed in a logistics company, Abu Dhabi. I am interested to do MBA in International Bussiness. So i want to know the procedures of distance learning in this university.



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