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Trailblazers: Learning From The Best in HR & Other Fields- a free business and HR seminar for people from any business background

Dear Friend,

I’m pleased to invite you for the Next MTHR Global Conclave being held in Mumbai in association with Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute. This Conclave will be attended by over 200 HR professionals representing various organizations. As is usual there is no cost to attend but prior registrations are a must.  This is on Saturday 8th Nov, 10:00 am to 5:00pm at Kalina, Mumbai.

The details of the event are given below for your perusal. Request you to quickly register you and your colleagues for the event as we have already received quite a few nominations and there are limited seats available.

Thank you for letting me in your inbox.

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Vipul Agarwal
Co-Founder – More Than HR Global (MTHRG)
Director – Zend Consulting Services

More Than HR Global Presents
In Association with
University of Mumbai’s
Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial And Management Studies

Trailblazers: Learning From The Best in HR & Other Fields
Saturday, 8th November, 2014 From 10 am to 5 pm

“Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us.”
― Robin S. Sharma

Trailblazers are dreamers, trailblazers are those who blaze a trail for others to follow, they change the way people think and inspire them to also create breakthroughs. Trailblazers are those with a creative spark or energy or vision - and then realise their potential. Trailblazers bring dynamism coupled with absolute necessity to ensure transformations are grounded, and yield tangible benefits within timeframes.
Trailblazers are not only those found in creative fields, rather they are those who are creative in their field of passion. Research from Manchester Business School shows that
Trailblazers stand out in four specific areas:
·  Leadership - direction setting, gaining commitment, people development, delegation. "I love creating great teams - making others great".
·  Strategic Thinking - vision, global perspective, organisational awareness. "I back my own judgement but rely heavily on the skills of others in advising me on the detail".
·  Managing Change - initiating change, driving change, overcoming resistance. "I've been rapped over the knuckles for not going through due processes - but it worked".
·  Motivation - initiative, energy, resilience, accountability, goal focus. "In my early days I had a real reputation for toughness".
Trailblazers' ability to leverage the above four competencies is what is found to differentiate them.
In this exciting event, you will meet Trailblazers who had a powerful vision in their respective domains. You will also learn from experts from HR & OD who work with Trailblazers:

The confirmed speakers are:

1. Franz Gastler, ED and Founder, Yuwa and TED Speaker

2. Pramod Sadarjoshi, ED, KPMG

3. Ashish Gawade, Co founder & CEO, Bottom of the Pyramid

4. Rajeev Kher, Founder & CEO, 3 S India (tentative)

5. Mohit Gundecha, Founder & CEO, Jombay 

6. Deepak Deshpande, VP - HR, Netmagic Solutions (NTT Group)

The participants of this Event are over 200 Corporate professionals, comprising of Leaders and Influencers from HR and other functions...

I am enclosing more details of this Event and attaching a Note on our community....

Pls confirm at your earliest as we are in our final week of confirmation.

Registration Process: There is no cost for participation for this event. But Prior Registration and Confirmation from our end is a MUST. For Registering for the event, Please send a mail with the following details on Vipul@zcsindia.com
Name:                                                                                  Orgn Name:
Designation:                                                                       Yrs of Experience:
Domain of Orgn:                                                               Education:
Email-ID:                                                                              Mobile No:

Date: Saturday, 8th November, 2014
Venue: Saraswati Sabhagruha Auditorium, Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute, Mumbai University, Kalina
You cannot afford to miss this Event from MTHR !!
Whether you are in HR or any other function, you can confirm immediately for “Trailblazers: Learning from the best in HR & other fields
Get engaged, enriched and empowered.....and sharpen your trailblazing skills!
About  Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute: The Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial & Management Studies was established in 1994, as a Department of the University of Mumbai, offering management education with a focus of financial services. ADMI established in 1994 extended its financial management programs to the prestigious Masters in Management Studies Program for the first time in 2002-2003 to live up to the increasing demand for Management professionals. http://www.mu.ac.in/alkesh/
Mobility Partner: Deltecs ( http://www.deltecs.com ): Deltecs’ flagship product DRONA which was started as a mobile learning & communication platform, aims to expand to newer domains like Mobile Marketing Automation, Sales & Channel enablement.
About MTHRG: Mumbai based MTHR Global (More Than HR Global), a leading Knowledge Community Pan India since 2002 is a not for body which continues to bring you the best in Learning and Networking! It is powered by a group of 6 young HR Professionals loaded with over 45 years experience of Old and New Economy Industries, who are armed with a passion for people and innovative ideas for HR and management.   

Vipul Agarwal
Co-Founder – More Than HR Global (MTHRG)
Director – Zend Consulting Services

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