Monday, November 17, 2014

Summary of MTHR Global Event- Trailblazer at ADMI, University of Mumbai

I hope all of you have gone through my previous article on MTHR Global,  a truly non profit HR and business learning body who are themselves are trailblazers.
Trailblazers are those who bring difference in people's life and they have done it for several years. I suggest people to attend such events as they are really valuable and expand horizon of our knowledge, networking. Every MTHR Global events are different from each other, you learn every time something unique from the people from different industry.

My expectation was that more than 300 people will present this however, the total no. was around 200 people. As usual, it is expected that only handful take such events a serious opportunity to collaborate, learn, expand and stretch he horizon. True, Dr. Deepak Deshpande, sr. VP and Head HR from Netmagic Solutions rightly pointed out  "everybody cannot be a leader and everybody cannot be a trailblazer. If everybody becomes, then there will be imbalance. To maintain equilibrium, there should be difference."

For me, it was a good event. For any B schools, it is an opportunity to connect with industry professionals and showcase their talent beyond the resume and interview. Any B school hosting such event can utilise it optimally. I have attended its various event and missed few too, but, it is enchanting, always something to learn.

I started well with  Pramod Sadarjoshi - Sr Advisor, People & Change, Management Consulting - KPMG. He wanted to discuss and tell more but was running out of time. His advises were very simple yet, meaningful. If you want to be a trailblazer and really a difference maker, then love the daily chores you do. Be it your job, be it your parenting or be it anything. True, he quoted " you have only one life, do not live other's life." possibly from a Steve Job's quote.

Rajesh Kamath's opening points were noteworthy. Knowledge are same and cyclical. We recycle it and present in different form. It should not have a price tag. He also referred, end of the day the relationship is H2H- Human to Human. How true!.

Here are the few key points from different speakers:

Mohit Gundecha's experience and sharing was inspirational. He explained how employee engagement matters and rather than blocking people for something they are doing beyond their work, how to utilise same to engage them. Further, he explained how the performance appraisal letter addressed to parents and family members who sacrificed many things. His own experience stated how determination matters a lot. It included, how he managed to get interview of Narayan Murthy and inauguration of college magazine through The President of India. When many people told him that only an IITian can go to Stanford, he did not give up and he managed to get it. When Jombay, started, it did not earn anything for first 3 years. For a start up, a scalable idea and patience is required. So, it is all about your own determination, patience and fire in your belly. Few suggestion from him were:

Regret is bad for your business and career. Follow your passion and do things differently

Don't block something, rather innovate it in such a way that it engage people

Another inspiring, true HR experience was from Sagar Vadapurkar (sorry, I do not remember the name so I am assuming as he is CHRO of Saraplast (3S). The most important thing was, a CHRO was giving presentation about the company as a CEO or as a CMO. That truly defines that an HR must know his/ her company well. He shared the company product, how they managed to get business and what issue he faces. IF he calls somebody for a job with 3S, people slam the phone after hearing the company is in the sanitation business.

As a practice, MTHR invites one of the NGO working differently to showcase their activities. This time they invited YUWA. FRANZ GASTLER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR & CO-FOUNDER of YUWA spoke about it and amazingly, in Hindi. He spoke flawless, continuous in Hindi foe few minutes and everybody was so much delighted. He experienced plight of the girl, happiness when they went to spain and won and how YUWA is working for education of girl child in Jharkhand. The job was extremely challenging but they have been doing it, they have brought changes also. 

The final was activities on starting HR venture. The teams were divided as an operational, strategic and social. I was part of the team which was given task of bringing unique HR project in the market. We did a brain storming session, feasibility and came with such an application which may help in the retention of the employee. Everybody participated well and it was a great learning experience. The social team came with such an idea where they can enhance skill of the masses increasing employability and serving industry with skilled manpower to enhance productivity. 

All these learnings and experiences were absolutely free of cost for participants and it is the result of lot of team work, coordination and selfless services. 

I am sure after reading this, you do not want to miss another MTHR Global event happening in your city. The next one is on 22nd November 2014. 

November 17, 2014 

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