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How important is Emotional Intelligence for senior level hiring? How organisations do an assessment

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Below is the transcript of the discussion on HR Shapers Group I and Group II and the topic is "How important is Emotional Intelligence for senior level hiring? How organisations do an assessment".

Definitely Emotional Intelligence (EI) is very important, not only in hiring but also in the career progression and deciding promotions. You find various tools available in the market such as Thomas Profiling, MBTI, Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and so on. One of member in the group rightly pointed- this intelligence is useful in the major crisis timing. Although, an assessment should not be the sole factors deciding hiring of a candidate or promotion of th existing employees, it should get at least 40% weightage. 

Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to monitor one's own and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.There are three models of EI. The ability model, developed by Peter Salovey and John Mayer, focuses on the individual's ability to process emotional information and use it to navigate the social environment.The trait model as developed by Konstantin Vasily Petrides, "encompasses behavioral dispositions and self perceived abilities and is measured through self report". The final model, the mixed model is a combination of both ability and trait EI. It defines EI as an array of skills and characteristics that drive leadership performance, as proposed by Daniel Goleman.

Studies have shown that people with high EI have greater mental health, exemplary job performance, and more potent leadership skills. Markers of EI and methods of developing it have become more widely coveted in the past few decades. In addition, studies have begun to provide evidence to help characterize the neural mechanisms of emotional intelligence.

Criticisms have centered on whether EI is a real intelligence and whether it has incremental validity over IQ and the Big Five personality traits.Now, the days for IQ is over, rather, important is to measure EQ. 

You may take following free test to understand about EI

I tested following (Very lengthy; 126 questions, almost 90 minutes) and I scored 74 out of 100 (not bad). Following test seems to be more reliable and scientific. 

I hope you will find this interesting. 

[19/12 09:07] Ashish: Today Topic - How important is Emotional Intelligence for senior level hiring? How organisations do an assessment?...

[19/12 09:09] Participant 1:  Interesting to know the responses.

[19/12 09:10] Participant 2: Good topic

[19/12 09:11] Ashish: Since the topic is more of SME wala, but I would request all senior members to give their input...of course anyone can share their expertise/ experience on this topic...

[19/12 09:19] Participant 1: I don’t think its SME topic. Even many large cos also don’t have any tool to assess EI.

[19/12 09:23] +91 98207 78021: Actually how many organizations have effectively used EI for hiring?

[19/12 09:23] Ashish: That's what I'm saying knowing is one and actually being part of it n going through the entire process would b very very less so unless its some1 personal interest 2b updated on this...

[19/12 09:26] Ashish: Group 1 is getting good input...will keep sharing...

[19/12 09:26] Participant 1: Ok...i doubt.

I know L&T has a very elaborate assessment centre. If anyone from that organisation can share inputs.

[19/12 09:27] Participant 1: Ask Yogi to write..frankly.
[19/12 09:35] Ashish: Psychometric tool for leadership hiring is global best practices,  but it is followed only by MNCs. By and large Indian organisations have yet to experience the power of it. Moreover,  some senior people do not like giving these tests for hiring and selection. But it is good highly recommended tool to predict behaviours and culture fit, especially at the leadership level. Moreover, research proves that external leaders hired from outside have chances of failure up to 40% and hence instead of playing blind game, psychometric assessment comes as great help.

[19/12 09:35] Ashish: We use Hogan for select leadership hiring and for the rest we use Lomingar

[19/12 09:36] Ashish: In the VUCA world every day brings about a series of unexpected challenges and Emotional maturity / intelligence is like the Swiss army knife to help you open up the real issues and  then resolve

[19/12 09:36] Ashish: Them using business processes and tools

[19/12 09:36] Ashish: Hence our organisation uses a in house tool to gauge the EQ of senior leaders

[19/12 09:36] Ashish: The tool is developed by the same consultants who partnered with us to create  our Value statements and behavioral competency framework

[19/12 09:36] Ashish: Hence it has a tool has high predictive validity and over the years we have been able to also see a high Co relation with the results and the behaviours , hence high reliability

[19/12 09:36] Ashish: I personally find EQi2.0 from MHS as a very relevant tool. Of course Thomas too has TEQi
[19/12 09:37] Ashish: Importance of EQ is high for leadership roles.  Apart from being strategic, leaders deal a lot with people,  hence understanding and dealing with emotions becomes critical. However good you may be if you ca’nt deal with your teams emotions, then  gaining trust becomes a challenge. Not sure how effective the assessment tools cause I have seen them differ.  MBTI psychometric assessment tool was decent so far that I came across. 

[19/12 09:38] Participant 1: Pl mention the name of company. We tend to forget though given in intro !

[19/12 09:41] Participant 1: Assessment using any such tool has to be done by qualified n certified people only. Otherwise, it may be dangerous. We all can administer the test.

[19/12 10:31] Ashish: Well... I am a strong propagator of psychometric tools from my Army days.. Even selection to Armed forces is done on something known as OLQ..
Officers like Qualities ..
Instead of shooting in dark or taking a gamble based on GUT feeling it is better to use a tool, either tailor made or using an existing one from such providers. 
My personal experience has been that this kind of intervention really helps and as we all know .. people don't leave companies, they leave their managers.. So important to select such leaders / managers who have the desired EQ besides business acumen or other competencies. 
Every organisation should have a process to test / check these qualities in an objective manner in addition to interview / back ground checks .. 
At least one makes a conscious decision based on objective parameters / ratings.

[19/12 10:31] Ashish: @ Veena, all the psychometric tools predict 60 to 65% job and culture fit. Coz 100% is a myth. Moreover in any assessment the highest and lowest scores does not change. It means if someone is introvert he will not suddenly become exporters and vis a versa. Unless there is life changing incidents

[19/12 10:32] Ashish: It should be a mix of trait and type ..

[19/12 10:32] Ashish: EI is very important for leadership roles in todays scenario

[19/12 10:32] Ashish: EI can be assessed, but can't be taught. It has to be learnt by the person him or herself. It's tough

[19/12 10:32] Ashish: In any learning know, think and act is key and all the EI solutions workshop in the market only addresses knowing part, and thinking and doing is not addressed at all.

[19/12 10:32] Ashish: And honestly the real test is when the organization is going thru a tough phase... How you manage your team... Keep them motivated... Its very challenging these times... very few leaders who have actually gone thru the test.

[19/12 10:32] Ashish: Veena in tough situations person always fall back to his original style and his core strength. The environment may push him to swim against the tide but If he has in him then only he will rise upto occasion and turn around. Otherwise it's fight or flight most of the time,

[19/12 10:32] Ashish: Absolutely.... The team turns to the leader in such times... And it is make or break

[19/12 10:33] Ashish: That's why Matcus Bakinghum emphasises on Strength Finder. His seminal work propogates the same that we bring our strengths to work and we play mainly on our strength.

[19/12 11:27] Participant 1: Yea...thats what i said !

[19/12 11:28] Participant 1: Ashish...what is done at CG?

[19/12 11:28] Ashish: I'm sure v hv some r many members can throw light on this..

[19/12 11:31] Ashish: No exposure n not much info on this...

[19/12 11:35] Participant 3: Guys while working with TATA's, i had done extensive research and implementation of assessment centres across the Group Companies

[19/12 11:36] Participant 3: A comprehensive paper on the same is available here

[19/12 11:38] Ashish: May I take the liberty to invite some of the senior members,  if they hv got some exposure on this....malini.

[19/12 11:40] Participant 3: The paper describes the focus on assessment of qualities associated with EI such as conscientiousness, managing under pressure, interpersonal skills n  effectiveness, communication and managing in team environment

[19/12 11:40] Ashish: Thanks shishir for ur valuable input..

[19/12 11:41] Participant 3:  Ashish. Look fwd to more input on the subject.

[19/12 11:42] Participant 5: Guys hw about 16 PF

[19/12 14:32] Participant 6: Ashish.. My take on EQ is that in today's world of high IQ.. High EQ persons can take better decisions, keeping all emotional elements.... Definitely a leadership quality   best eg. Being our PM..

[19/12 14:33] Participant 7: At Godrej & Boyce the organisation has identified 11 Leadership competencies. We have a tie up with Thomas International for competency assessment.  Any individual who is being considered for T (Tactical) band and above has to undergo Thomas assessment where all these competencies are assessed with the help of tools like case studies, role play, exercises, TI tests,  personal interview. .etc. Those who clear assessment is considered in T band and those who don't are offered lower P (professional) band. Similarly, even for promotion people have to clear this assessment.

[19/12 14:37] Participant 7: We use 16 PF for K (knowledge) band which is the lowest band in the management category. When any workmen gets converted into management category, he joins in K band.

[19/12 14:37] Participant 1: Ketan...thanks for sharing  example. If some one does not qualify, is he rejected?

[19/12 14:38] Ashish: Well said Matthew. Emotions are the default drivers of our decision making and they play out at multiple levels. It is fair to say that decision making is an emotional process while the data and intellect is used ti Rationalize the decision.

[19/12 14:39] Ashish: Hence EI becomes very important competence for levels that has to make important decisions.

[19/12 14:41] Ashish: Thanks Rajesh n Ketan for your input..

[19/12 14:47] Ashish: This T n P factor assessment is interesting to know... So how r these competencies defined for both these levels.. Any examples around it, please.

[19/12 14:47] Participant 7: As I mentioned, if one doesn't clear 11 Leadership competencies of Godrej he is offered lower band and he will be asked to work on areas of improvement through IDP. 

For workmen conversion to management where we conduct 16 PF, a person will be rejected if he doesn't clear.

[19/12 14:49] Participant 1: Professionals will not get promoted till they pass EI test you mean? They will never become people managers?

[19/12 14:52] Participant 7: The 11 Leadership competencies are largely for leadership roles I.e. T band and above. Examples of these competencies are Assertiveness, Bold and Persuasive, Decision making, Business understanding and Strategic thinking, Innovation, Teamwork and collaboration. ..etc. These competencies are identified long back in line with the expected leadership behaviour from the seniors. So there are definitions and positive & negative indicators for each competency.

[19/12 14:53

 Participant 6: Thanks for sharing Ketan..

[19/12 14:58] Participant 7: Yes Vijay. They are people managers, but in order to be in the leadership band they need to clear Thomas assessment for 11 Godrej leadership competencies.

[19/12 15:00] Ashish: In my opinion tools a great indicator. In leadership hiring a fair mix of tool ( roughly 40 % weightage), interview panel assessment review as well market ref check and medical Assessment are a cumulative assessment   
Tools. Emotional assessment tools are effective indicators. These tools have to be structured well to suit the org needs. Medical assessment is also an important indicator chemical imbalance does affect output

[19/12 15:02] Participant 1: Thanks Ketan. Godrej has great HR practices i know.

[19/12 16:13] Ashish: The EQi2.0 assessment looks at 5 broad composites viz. Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management.

[19/12 16:13] Ashish: Anyone has experienced the Hay's assessment on EI? They have a good model,based directly on Daniel Goleman's works.

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