Tuesday, December 9, 2014

HR Virtual Learning Zone (VLZ) Webinar on - Business and Society: A time of transition

You must have gone through my summary reports on earlier HR VLZ. If not, please go through my following article (please click to read)

It is always advisable that a professional should spend at least 2 hours in learning the things associated to their area, beyond their day to day job. It should be a professional development goal. You may read materials, you may participate on online discussion, you may attend a seminar or event and you may attend a webinar too. 

This HR VLZ Webinar is free of cost and I recommend you to attend it. 

Business Transition: Only change is the constant and if you look into time, lot of things have changed. I remember, during 1997-99, my school days, Konica used to be my favourite lab for processing the photos I used to shoot, now the company has shut down that business completely. Same is the scene with the internet. Now, the monopoly of newspaper and reporters have ended and we have now electronic media focussed on new generation. The CD business of music and entertainment industry has reduced from 100 % to hardly 6-8% and this is the same case with many business and sectors. Business sees lot of such transitions. Attending this webinar is definitely a learning and exploring. 


In an endeavour to support HR community with great learning and knowledge from eminent Thought Leaders/Keynote Speakers, I am pleased to share the details of the upcoming HR VLZ (HR Virtual Learning Zone) Session for the month of December 2014.
Mr. P.S. Narayan (Vice President and Head of Sustainability at Wipro Ltd) would be steering the session on Theme: "Business and Society: A time of transition", scheduled on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 1100hrs.  Register Today (Please click )
PPT Link: You may also view the PPT shared by our esteemed speaker during the November session.

I wish to seek your support while requesting you to kindly cascade down and share the learning opportunity with your followers/colleagues. Anyone from your team/friend circle/network may wish to join the complementary session using the link mentioned below.
Click on the below link:

Registration URL for Session:

The session participation is complementary and can be accessible using a computer with broadband/data card, i-Pad, i-Phone and Android devices with data services.

The initiative to promote HR Learning and share best practices can only happen with the support of great people like you.

In case of any query, please feel free to write to me at sukrit.ghosh.sg@gmail.com

Kind regards
Sukrit Ghosh
Volunteer Moderator- HR Virtual Learning Zone (HR-VLZ)


Hope to see you on Saturday,

December 09, 2014

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