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Top 5 HR agenda of Human Resources Professional in India for 2015

Top HR agenda for 2015

Being part of hR Shaper group has been a great experience and lot of learning for me. 

Following is the transcript of the discussion. This provides an insight what HR inc India plan and expect. I hope this will help other human resources and business professional fraternity. This is the discussion of 10th december 2015

From Ashish
Today’s topic - If you were invited to be the Head of HR of your organisation (or already are) what would be your TOP 5 MOST HR agenda for 2015? Share your mind! in 5 words or less (state only ONE action point, the top most priority and in no more than 5 words)

Participant 1:

Talent Retention, talent attraction, engagement, HR team business savvy and finally understand employees in their way and not HR way

Participant 2 Train Line Mgrs to be People Managers !

Participant 3: It would vary with industry and the market segment..
If you  are a part of an IT/ knowledge based organisation in a growth market like India or GCG; then u as HR Head may want to focus on Engaging your talent (employees) to drive higher business results. So ur priorities wld be around Employee Engagement (Specifically on career and excl- Fun activities), Talent Engagement, and Future Leadership Development.

: @Mnx creating themes around the goals works better, enabling Employees to better align. You could explore that option as d  theme is top line

Participant 4:
1.     HR Processes Reorientation

2. HR SOP ugradations
3. Focusing on People Management skills for operational managers
4. Collaborate with business to achieve organization goal

Participant 5: 1. Enabling Sales and Delivery team to improve the top line whole also working towards improving bottom lines.
Building capability and creating a winning culture of trust and intuitive thoughtfulness
I remember in 2004, wipro  had a 4x4 goal I.e. To reach 4000cr by year 2004. Goal was set up in 2002.
 1) Simplification and enhance  employee experience for Better Employee Satisfaction
2) Enable the frontline staff to be more innovative - undergo design workshops, build the sales force more innovative and creative
3) People Management
4) Rewards and Recognition
5) Talent Management- Succession Planning/ career development/ appraisal framework

Our topmost agenda would be"Collaborate to Win". Of course this would vary from Orgnisation to Orgnisation as the business context and stage of,evolution would be different. So each of us would have some context to,it....

Participant 7. Customer Satisfaction to achieve goal n bottom line
 1. Focus on People

2. Improved and efficient Process
3. Promoting Core Values
4. Talent development
5. Revitalised Rewards and Recognition program

Participant 8: 1. Knowledge up-gradation . 2. Re-instate policies based on GenY wants. 3. Make HC equipped to help Business make appropriate people decisions. 4. Talent acquisition. 5. Management of my Top performing employees.

Participant 9: System based approach rather person based. Stretching old targets.
1. Retaining Talent pool, TAT, attrition.
2. L&D, internal successor rate.
3. C&B _ quarterly promotion rate, budget accuracy.
4. ESH _ accident rate, sickness rate
5. Harmonious IR.

Participant 10: We dont have Head HR
So I wish a head HR should be there in my organization.

[10/12 10:32] : Ashish, I think this is good forum as many of us are sharing best or next practices. I think, we should have put this in excel or in better manner. Looking speed of discussion, many things can be captured and easily ready to compare rather as it is in whatsapp. Any thoughts

 Govind Sharma: My top 5 agenda
1. Do a productivity analysis and RoI or cost benefit analysis of my human Capital 
2. Streamline few activities happening in haphazard manner 
3. To see at least 2 employees in regional role I,e, Asia or Australia 
4. Making training mandatory for all employees
5, evaluation of existing team and to find out whether any department is understaffed or overstaffed

Participant: Ashish...good idea but logistics is the issue.
We are using social media for feedback. 
Think of another alternate

Participant: 1. Retention of top talent by giving them secondment opp/intl proj or give more exposure than what they are currently doing . 2. More emphasis on recognition 3. Refocus on employee value proposition 4. Succession planning

Participant: Goals need to be firmed up for  For Strategic Manpower Planning, Leadership Development, Reviewing the SOP systems and processes, Incentivising for sales and other key functions ....

Participant: Build happy organization through strong connect, transparency, technology in HR and align HR as per business growth.

 Participant: Top post agenda will be to uncomplicate all process and policies which make employee more connected and open to share view for orgn improvement

 Participant: Also hire a strong HR  operations leads so the Chief HR can focus on the macro matters
 Participant: To play in champions league 2015 through innovation, talent, competitiveness and growth

 Participant: People Matter, Result Count

Participant: Today topic - If you were invited to be the Head of HR of your orgn (or already are) what would be your TOP 5 MOST HR agenda for 2015? Share your mind! in 5 words or less (state only ONE action point, the top most priority and in no more than 5 words)

Participant: Yup but if I'm head HR I wud say - enhance productivity through people satisfaction

Participant: Creating High-Performance Work Systems

 Participant: Rajesh for me it would be..."Driving Business to Improve Top line"

 Participant: 2015 Goal of HR Head:
"Business Growth from People Focus"

Participant: Build Capability to Manage Growth

 Participant: Members on mute share ur exp n input on 2day topic...

 Participant: Today topic - If you were invited to be the Head of HR of your orgn (or already are) what would be your TOP 5 MOST HR agenda for 2015? Share your mind! in 5 words or less (state only ONE action point, the top most priority and in no more than 5 words)

Participant: Social Recruitment
Social Learning
Reverse Mentoring
D&I (beyond gender diversity) 

1.     HR process automation

2. Strong HR team
3. Transparency in system
4. Campus hiring 
5. Attractive rewards & recognition

Participant: Transparency in communication.     

Drive EVP using Social engagement / social media.           
Earn your reward.                            
Balance work to enjoy Life

Participant: Higher Values ownership
Capacity building
Leadership hiring and team development for south and east 
Employer branding via digital and campus efforts 
Overall enhance the creative and service levels

Participant: 1. Outsourcing non-core activities

2. Effective Employer Employee Relationship
3. Create value n trust based environment
4. Develop second level employees to take leadership role
5. Focus on quality

Participant: Hiring the Best Talent and Engaging them with Meaningful work to rapidly grow the business sustainably  would be a key priority in 2015

Participant: Lot of inspiring and diverse ideas pouring in.......2015 is promising! It is bright!

Participant: Leadership Development at top 3 levels 
Key Resource Retention
Critical Skills Hiring
Capacity Building
Employee Engagement

Participant: 1. Leadership development for succession planning 2. Skill development  and reskilling 3. Employer Branding for talent attraction and retention  4. Employee engagement 5. HR analytics

Participant: 1. Leadership pipeline document to develop future leaders
2. Best Place to work
3. To develop MVIS ( Minimum Viable Innovation System)
4. Branding and Engagement

Participant: I haven't been active since the groups have been merged. Had been under work pressure and health has been a concern too.
Hopefully from today will be able to add meaning contribution.
1. Flexible Working Hours
2. Option to chose team and projects
3. Promoting Innovation through Contests

Participant: Creating intrepreneurs. Life beyond job. Be social, create community.

 Participant: 1. Leadership Development & Succession Planning
2. Employee Engagement
3. Employer Branding
4. Creating a future ready organization (TNI, Skill  devp)
5. Community Development in geographies we operate

 Participant: 1. Flexibility
2. Great place to work(Culture)
3 . Leadership Pipeline and Development
4. Inclusion
5. Women Leadership Development and Pipeline

Participant: I would focus on - 1) People Satisfaction, 2) Innovation and Design Thinking. People means both my Customers as well as Employees. Innovation & Design Thinking - whether its a product or the process, there is always scope for improvement, learn n innovate

 Participant: 1)Transparency in communication/ leadership communication 
2)Drive EVP/EB using Social engagement / social media 
3) Culture of Earn your Reward (performance culture)
4) Balance work to enjoy Life- work life balance 
5) CR and engagement

Participant: Top 5 from me: 
1. Timely goal setting and mid year reviews 
2. Talent Management - providing atleast one development initiative to 80% of identified top performers
3. Roll out of relevant and current engagement initiatives
4. Specific development plan for mid managers 
5. Steps towards aligning manpower planning and business objectives.

Thats all for today

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