Monday, December 15, 2014

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) admission detail for January 2015 cycle

Advantage of IGNOU
1.       A central University under Ministry of HRD, Government of India
2.       Various courses options
3.       Largest network of regional centre and study centre (all have IGNOU’s own staff only)
4.       Very good quality materials
5.       Good support system
6.       Fixed examination dates and time
7.       Let you move to next years if you have not cleared particular paper
8.       Fully DEB compliant,  hence degrees are valid
9.       Has AICTE approval to its MBA and MCA prgrammes
10.   Valid for higher education as well as for government jobs, including UPSC, SSC, CDS and state Public Service Commissions

1.       Very lengthy curriculum not easy to clear, but the advantage is you get vast knowledge.
2.       Typical government attitude staff, you may not experience good student supports.
3.       They strictly adhere to deadline, so if you miss something, you miss an opportunity
4.       Has Open University tag so people have reserved view about it. In few private employer’s view- this degree is inferior in quality which is not the fact.
5.       Employers like Wipro, Infosys,TCS, SBI do not accept  IGNOU degrees.
6.       The course takes longer time. A degree takes at least 3 ½ years to complete and an MBA around 3 years.
7.       Every course has assignments. If you complete these assignments by your own, you get lot of learning and knowledge but without submitting assignment you cannot appear for exams.
8.       Less online support. They had earlier online course materials, online admission which has become offline now. However, hall ticket and many information are still available online.
9.       There is issue in issuing grade card, provisional certificate and sometime study materials.
10.   Sometime, regional centres do not evaluate assignment properly so the mark does not get reflect in the marksheet.

Courses on offer for January 2015 session
IGNOU admit students round the year, but depend on the time of admission, students get admission either to June Session or December Session.
It is offering following courses for January 2015 cycle
Last date: 15th December with late fee and if you miss the date, you will get admission to July session of 2015

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