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List of UAE Government approved online universities and why Al Arab University is a fake institute

Today morning when I opened my inbox, I got a query from one of my blog reader asking about Al Arab University. Before replying to him, I thought to find out more about the university. As I suspected, the university is indeed a fake university.

Here is the query and my response:

Please advise if Al arab university is fake? below is the reason why i am asking

I registered with Al Arab university last year , at first i was asked to pay USD 699 as registration fees and then USD 1899 for tuition and over the phone i was promised i wouldn't have to pay more but after a month i get a call and was asked to pay extra USD 1899 for equivalency and if i don't pay then il have problems later on. since i could not find anything against this university online , i paid.

i finished the course in aug 2013, i could have done it within a month since the ‘exam’ was just true or false questions. I was promised on many occasions and even on mail that i will get my attested degree in 30-45 days but i got it after 4 months . The degree is not attested but along with that there is a certificate from Cairo university for ‘ writing scientific research’ which i haven’t done and don’t see the point of having it.

I was naturally quite upset and complained , i got a call and told off the agent and wanted answers as to why was the university not transparent and did not mention any thing about the other certificate, in return he got personal and was rude /sarcastic.

In the past the same agent had promised on the mail that if im not satisfied with the degree they will refund the fees but now the same agent is telling me they wont give any refund and that he wont even ask anyone else to help me as im quite difficult to handle. Apart from all this he is denying a lot of other things done by them. He even said i can do whatever i want i wont get my refund and that the university’s image is pristine.

The only reason i am writing to you is so that people should think 10 times before enrolling with them. I probably wont get my refund but at least people would know about this university.


Mav |

My response:
The University is fake one. 
Only following universities are valid, recognized and accredited in the entire middle east region.

Universities in GCC region
From Saudi Arabia (KSA)
1 Islamic University in Madinah
2 Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
3 Al Jouf University
4 Taif University
5 Qassim University
6 King Khalid University
8 King Abdulaziz University
9 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)
7 King Saud University htpp://
10 King Faisal University
11 Umm Al-Qura University
12 Jazan University (JU)
13 University of Hail
14 Taibah University

15 Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS)

From Quatar
Number University Name Web Address
1 Qatar University
2 Qatar Aeronautical College
3 Carnegie Mellon University
4 College of North Atlantic Qatar
5 Community College Qatar CCO ttp://
6 Faculty of Islamic Studies
7 Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
8 Northwestern University in Qatar
9 University of Calgary Qatar
10 Stenden University
11 Texas A andM University
12 Virginia Commonwealth School of the Arts

13 Weill Cornell Medical College

From Bahrain
1 University of Bahrain
2 Arabian Gulf University

3 Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Medical University of Bahrain

From Oman
Number University Name Web Address
1 Sultan Qaboos University
2 Rustaq College of Applied Science
3 College of Applied Science-Ibri
4 College of Applied Science-Nizwa
5 Sohar College of Education
6 Sur College of Applied Sciences
7 College of Applied Sciences - Salalah
8 Higher College of Technology in Muscat
9 Higher College of Technology
10 Institution of Health
11 The College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS)
12 Institute of Sharia Science
13 Sohar University
14 Dhofar University (DU)
15 University of Nizwa
16 The German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)
17 Majan College
18 Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS)
19 Caledonian College of Engineering
20 Al Zahra College For Women
21 Mazoon University College
22 Oman Medical College
23 Sur University College
24 Waljat College of Applied Sciences (WCAS)
25 Middle East College
26 Al Buraimi University College
27 The Scientific College of Design
28 Oman College of Management & Technology
29 Gulf College- Oman
30 Muscat College
31 International College of Engineering and Management
32 Oman Tourism College
33 IMCO (International Maritime College Oman LLC)
34 Bayan College

35 Oman Dental College

From Kuwait
Number University Name Web Address
1 Kuwait University

2 The Public Authority for Applied
 Education & Training                   

Arab Countries
Number University Name Web Address
1 Sana'a University
2 University of Aden
3 Taiz University
4 Hodeidah University
5 Ibb University
6 Hadramout University

7 Dhamar University

It recommends 179 universities from India from 800+

Disclaimer: With time the list may increase. Here, also consist list of the universities from India and other countries, the data whether the government of respective country has approved these institute to operate is not verified. 

Now as far as distance learning institute from the region concerns, only following university is a recognized one Arab Open University

Arab Open University is a non-profit, private Pan Arab university founded in 2002. The university occupies several campuses located across the Middle East, including in Kuwait, Jordan, and Lebanon. 
Arab open University has partnered with The Open University of UK which is highly reputed and recognized.
The Arab Open University (AOU), a distance learning institution with operations in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, recently received accreditation for all its branches from the British Accreditation Council (BAC), a private UK-based postsecondary education accreditation organisation. The announcement comes in the wake of AOU’s decision to formally utilise materials from the UK’s Open University, building on a longstanding relationship.

Apart from Arab Open University, the UAE government has recommended following online institutes

Number University Name Web Address
1 Harvard University
2 University of California Berkeley
3 Cornell University                
4 University of Minnesota        
5 Universiy of Pennsylvania        
6 University of Wisconsin Madison
7 University of illinois Urbana Champaign
8 Michigan State University
9 Columbia University New York
10 University of Texas Austin
11 Yale University
12 Pennsylvania State University
13 Carnegie Mellon University
14 University of Florida
15 New York University
16 University of Washington
17 University of Pittsburgh
18 University of Southern California
19 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
20 North Carolina State University
21 Texas A&M University
22 University of California San Diego
23 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
24 University of Georgia
25 Indiana University
26 Rutgers University
27 University of Colorado Boulder
28 Johns Hopkins University
29 University of Maryland
30 Northwestern University
31 Arizona State University
32 University of Utah
33 Washington University Saint louis
34 University of California Irvine

From Australia and New Zealand following institutes are recognized

Number University Name Web Address
1 Australian National University
2 University of Queensland
3 University of Melbourne
4 Monash University
5 University of New South Wales
6 University of Sydney
7 University of Adelaide
8 University of Western Australia
9 Macquarie University
10 RMIT University
11 Queensland University of Technology
12 Deakin University
13 University of South Australia
14 University of Newcastle
15 University of Technology Sydney
16 University of Tasmania
17 University of Wollongong
18 Curtin University of Technology
19 Griffith University
20 University of New England Australia

From New Zealand
1 University of Auckland
2 Massey University
3 University of Otago
4 University of Canterbury
5 University of Waikato

From Europe
Number University Name Web Address
1 University of Oxford
2 University of Cambridge
3 London School of Economics
4 University College London
5 Durham University
6 University of Warwick
7 Lancaster University
8 University of Exeter
9 University of York
10 University of Bath
11 Bristol University
12 University of Edinburgh
13 University of Nottingham
14 University of Sheffield
15 University of Leicester
16 University of Southampton
17 Loughborough University
18 University of Glasgow
19 School of Oriental & African Studies
20 King's College London
21 University of Newcastle
22 University of Birmingham
23 University of East Anglia
24 Royal Holloway University of London
25 University of Surrey
26 University of Leeds
27 University of Manchester
28 University of Reading
29 University of strathclyde
30 University of Cardiff
31 University of aston
32 Queen Mary University of London
33 Queen's University Belfast
34 University of Kent
35 University of Dundee
36 University of Essex
37 University of Aberdeen
38 Aberystwyth University / Prifysgol Aberystwyth
39 Heriot-Watt University
40 University of Keele
41 University of Stirling
42 City University London
43 Oxford Brookes University
44 Swansea University
45 Goldsmiths College
46 University of Brunel
47 University of Liverpool

As of now, UAE Government has not recognized any other institutes to offer distance and online learning including those from India. Yes, degree obtained in India may stand valid. 

For further details, list of the institutes, please visit

I hope I have clarified and this blogpost is useful for you. I have advised multiple times not to opt KSOU, Mahatma Gandhi University, Shillong, EIILM, CV Raman, Jaipur National, Jodhpur National, Vinayaka Mission, Swami Vivekananda University and such other 40+ degree scamster, but real universities. 

People in the middle east, Arab countries should not take admission in any Indian universities operating on those countries except IGNOU. Government of India has not allowed any other universities to offer courses in distance, online or any mode outside India.

All queries are welcome

January 04, 2015

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