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How C V Raman University is selling degrees in India and you need to be doubly sure while hiring people graduated from this University

I do not need to write the whole story about difference between various type of universities, their scam, fake universities, real universities selling degrees for money and so on. 

I thought to write about this University particularly in details after receiving many complaints and requests from people. 

Recently, in HR shapers group, we were discussing about the same. It was much easier to catch a fake university, but catching a real university selling fake degree is very difficult. 

Background of CV Raman University: C V Raman University originally started in around 2000 under Chhattisgarh Private University Act. Then, in the Supreme Court, in the case of Prof. Yashpal V/s State of Chhattisgarh Supreme court declared all these universities as unrecognized giving biggest blow to all such one room shop universities, Government and students. I hope this also shut mouth of those people with half knowledge and declaring "a university can offer degree in any manner". 
After that, C V Raman again resurfaced as a private university. Chhattisgarh government again passed a separate Act of this effect and allowed C V Raman University to function. 

The moment this university again came into existence, first it started to its old modus operandi to sell the degrees through various agents all over the country. It included, degrees in 3 months, backdated degree, degree without appearing for exams and in fact, started to verify those degrees too. 

It is a private university, hence as per  the UGC Act on private universities regulations, it cannot offer any course outside its campus. It cannot offer any course through off campus mode. It cannot affiliate any college, it cannot start any off campus. It can offer off campus only after completion of 5 years, but  a prior UGC approval is mandatory. As of now, UGC has not approved any off campus for this university. 

In fact, UGC has replied one of RTI query and confirmed the above fact. Please see below

When I complained about CV Raman alongwith ICFAI, Assam Down Town, Assam Don Bosco, Jaipur National, Jodhpur National University, at that time, somebody from C V Raman University called me and asked me to remain directly in touch with him as he is also getting such complain that CV Raman degrees are sold. He never replied to my complain. Even UGC did not bother to reply. 

Further, one of my blog reader confirmed (She is from a background verification agency) that she found discrepancy and on confronting the candidates confirmed that they have bought the degrees from C V Raman University. The University never refused such degrees and verified. 

You can still see such advertisement on news paper. Few of them are:

First of all, any university cannot offer M.Phil in distance mode. None of the distance learning programme of this university has AICTE and NCTE approval. 

I have worked several years in the industry, now want to fly abroad/ get promotion. This university verify the degree so why should I bother?
You are right, why should you bother. But, you must not forget what happened to CMJ, EIILM, MGU etc. universities. This is just a short solution not a permanent. This will bring you long term headache and fear in your mind. 

Then, what should I do? I do not want to spend whole 3 years
See, there is no shortcut to success. Can you become a Manager or CEO or a CFO or a CMO instantly? Can you have a child immediately after marriage if your wife is a virgin and had not intercourse or already bearing child? Of course you have to wait for 9 months. If the rule want that a degree should be of at least 3 or 4 years, then there is a valid reason for the same.

You have multiple options. If you have already studied upto few years and discontinued, you may continue for the remaining years and do not need to wait for whole 3 years. As far as abroad job concern, USA and Canada have system where certain no. of years of experience is counted equivalent to 1 year of degree completion. You should do a thorough study and then decide.

Is it safe to get degree from C V Raman and such other universities including Bundelkhand University, Mithila University and so on?
Of course not. It does not provide you any knowledge just a paper degree. Today, organisations and HR have become more and more aware about such degree scam so the probability to get into a higher job or role on the basis of such degree is low. Probably you need to wait for years to get such a job till an unaware HR/ organisation will hire you, but again, it block you. Rather, if you complete a degree from a recognized, reputed and a good university, your probability of getting hired will be higher. 

I hope this article is good enough to open your eyes. 

All comments and queries are welcome. 

January 03, 2015


  1. So the bottom line is that in future CV Raman university Certificates will be discarded and having no value, better go for some other certified universities through proper channel whoever applying for fresh courses.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am a pass out from CV Raman university for 2nd year, currently in 3rd year, i had asked all this to htem & they had replied with the below can you please confirm is this still fake & cannot allow distance learning?


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