Friday, January 2, 2015

Free Webinar from Snapdeal- Copyright Law seems to becoming aggressive and now becoming like an online shop for everything. It has started selling "e-learning" and "e-training" programmes now and as a launch giving few free webinars. 

Time to time, I post article and information on various such free webinars on my blog. Normally, I do not write about paid webinars. 

In the current series, I am writing about such free webinars from Snapdeal (and please note, Snapdeal does not pay anything to me, I am writing it so many people can take benefit). 

Current Webinar- Copyright Law

Copyright law is a very important area of practice for lawyers in India and it is gaining momentus. There is huge demand for expert professionals in the IPR. From knowledge perspective too, it is good for every business managers to be aware with this law. 

1. Copyrights Law 

About the Webinar
Many industries, especially those working in the field of media and entertainment, earn the bulk of their revenues from commercialising communication. Newspapers, radio stations, and television channels earn money from subscription and the sale of advertising space. Film studios earn revenues through the sale of tickets and by selling the rights to broadcast films. Recording studios earn revenues from the sale of recorded music and selling the rights to broadcast songs. The exclusivity of such communication is a critical factor in securing these revenues. In this webinar, we will explore the role of the law in maintaining such exclusivity. The area of law that operates to secure such exclusivity is intellectual property law, which deals with the rights recognised by law to exclusively exploit the creations of the mind. We will learn the basics of some intellectual property rights such as copyright, performer’s rights, and broadcast reproduction rights. We will also understand the framework that facilitates the commercial exploitation of these rights.

About the Instructor:
Mr. Aju John is a member of the Learning Team at Rainmaker and spearheads Rainmaker’s editorial activities. He has written and edited countless articles that surveyed India’s legal profession and tracked developments in law. He has also interviewed more than a hundred influential legal practitioners and scholars.

Format: The webinar will happen in the google hangout format

Date: Tuesday, 6th January 2015

Time: 4 PM

How to register:
Please click following link

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