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Jaro education is a fake online business school in India

I posted an article about Jaro almost two years back and luckily, due to my this post,  thousands of people could save their career.

The article is available at following link. Jaro has tried to pull it down at least 3 times and I have been republishing it again and again. I am definitely not going to give up. Here, through this article, I am exposing them much more and with reference to their updated website and new modus operandi.

Here are few points

1. Jaro is unethical to society, students as well as to its own employees.
Jaro calls itself online B school. In India, there is no such concept exist call online B- schools. People pursue MBA and management mainly for promotions, higher education and for job. In India, many organisation do not give preference to B class, C class, Tier 2 or tier 3 full time B schools in the job. Forget about online or distance MBA, employer even do not give much preference to much valid 3 years part time MBA from institutes like JBIMS, Welingkar and so on. 

Jaro is just an agent. The same way you read in the newspaper. It is a commercial organisation and it has nothing to do with education and training. 

Please read my following article to know why I am saying this

How to identify if a college is a real or a fake? Read this article to save your career and year

Jaro Education, a big degree scam selling fake degrees now taking down this article to hide their crime

2. Jaro claims offering from MBA/ degree from certain universities, let us have a look at them

PGDM From NMIMS university: NMIMS is a deemed university As per the UGC and DEB norms, NMIMS cannot offer any course outside its campus. Even if it is online, they have to conduct exam at NMIMS campus only. Further, as per UGC guideline, any university whether state, central, private or deemed, they cannot offer course through franchisee agreement and through a private agent. Jaro is just an agent and due to this NMIMS Diploma automatically becomes invalid. NMIMS Diploma in management is not an MBA programme and it does not hold any corporate as well as academic value. in fact, after spending your money and time of 2 years, if you go back to apply for NMIMS PhD, NMIMS will not accept its own diploma as rhey need 2 years full time MBA to pursue its PhD. 

Please read my following article for more details

Question and answer on distance PG diploma of NMIMS

NMIMS, a well reputed and among the top 10 B schools in India also offer distance learning and online PG Diploma, but many people do not realise that it is just a diploma without any corporate or academic value and it does not have industrial recognition. In fact, NMIMS itself does not recognize its own diploma for higher studies in NMIMS. It shows the dual face of institute of such repute, unethical and selling junk. If NMIMS believe that its distance learning programmes are at par with its full time MBA, it must recognize it, offer MBA and not PG Diploma or else make the picture clear.

I am sure, you must have realise now the nexus between NMIMS and Jaro- the degree scam master. 

URAL University: Ural is a Russian University. No doubt, it is well known and ranked in Russia, however, India does not recognize a distance, online or part time degree and post graduate degree of any foreign university. For a full time degree, a prior UGC approval is mandatory. Jaro, as a private body, cannot seek UGC approval. This degree will not be going to helpful in anyway to your career other than just a tag of an international MBA. 

Ulyanovsk University:  No doubt, it is well known and ranked in Russia, however, India does not recognize a distance, online or part time degree and post graduate degree of any foreign university. For a full time degree, a prior UGC approval is mandatory. Jaro, as a private body, cannot seek UGC approval. This degree will not be going to helpful in anyway to your career other than just a tag of an international MBA. 

Bharathiar University: Bharathiar is a UGC NAAC A rated university and a well known one. However, as per the UGC and DEB guideline, it has to offer course from its own study centre within the state of Tamil Nadu only. If you are from Tamil Nadu and can attend courses including exam in Tamil Nadu, it is a good option. If you apply directly to the University only then your degree remains valid, also you can save almost 20,000 to 30,000 by directly applying to the Bharathiar University. Then why you should waste your money? Further, Bharathiar University cannot appoint a private franchisee to offer its courses then how can Jaro act as an agent for this university? UGC is being tough on such universities day by day. 

Alliance University: Alliance is neither so reputed nor authorised to offer course outside its campus as it is a private university. It does not provide MBA, it is just PG Diploma which has no value. 

Jaro is unethical about its employees too
I got following email from one of Jaro's employee long but I did not publish it. Since they are acting more foolishly by trying to block my article. If they are so much confident about them, why do not they provide all relevant documents which can prove my points are wrong. I know they cannot. They tried to take down all the complaints through fake profiles, fake testimonials even those on the public complaint forum. This is highly unethical practice. Let us look at following mail.

Hi Govind 

I have been reading your blogs. I used to work for jaro education. You are right its a fraud company. However my issue here is  different. It was on march 11th that around 50 BDE's resigned from Future Education ltd which was a joint venture between future group and net HR which is owned by Sanjay Salunke the owner of Jaro education. Please guide me as to how we can lodge a formal complaint. They have been sending letters, threatening legal actions against us. They are way to unethical. The moment your blog about jatro education was published their employees have actually advertised jaro education by writing all positive comment on the blog. You can check the link that you have mentioned on your website. They have failed to understand that it is a complaint forum. Professionals like you who have vast experience can help us who are at the executive level.

Kindly find attached below the letter we had sent to the labour ministry but till date we havent got any reply from them.   

Dear Sir,


It’s after several long thoughts, that i am drafting this mail to you with hope that your vast experience in solving and handling several queries of employeesthese many years.

I would like to take you across through the unethical act about my past company , where their harassment is taking the career graph of ex-employees to a very bad level..It was last year we had joined Future education ltd with a dream to make my career with a big brand and venture of future group. With welingkar being one more brand attached to this company i was carefree that my career was about to take a quick start , who knew till the time i was made to encounter the unethical and tactful politics of the management towards several employees

Nobody was really aware that the one brand was in short related to two more brands who were following the business rules as per their wish . JAROEDUCATION and EINS EDUCATION,  I am writing this, as would like to bring it to your kind attention and want to aware the public about this company . It was the dreadful day when the company didn’t think to pay respect to its employees and made their rules which nowhere were in relation to the labour laws. 10 hour working, and what not .The performance of all employees were ignored and the de motivation part was that more than 20 people left the company with no notice. 

Not a single person with more than 2 years experience was bothered to take their relieving letter as the harassment was more than a humiliation to face for . 

My idea behind this seeks a humble request to meet any of the senior people to discuss about the issue that we are still facing and with the hope that still the labour ministry are there to support the employees with executive level as well.

Eagerly awaiting for your response

Kind regards

I am sure this email from employee is enough to open your eyes. No doubt, Jaro is a big education corruption and highly unethical organsiation.

Let me know if you have any query

February 27, 2015


  1. I got MBA cert from ULSU throught JARO edu. Im in overseas so can i use the cert to apply govt. sector jobs? If i apply surely they will verify it through the university or some other way, so can i use the certs or not? pls advise

  2. Hello Sir,
    I have some queries related to Distance MBA. I have read your blogs; it’s very informative for readers. But still I want to know about Distance MBA and related to my career.
    I am Prashant Desai and had completed 3 years full time Technical Diploma in Computer Technology from Mumbai conducted by Board of Technical Education of Maharashtra (Year 1997).
    Due to some family & financial issues I cannot continue my education and joined one IT firm, immediately after diploma result. Now I have 18 years of experience in same IT firm, also got growth in position. To complete my graduation, in between in year 2000 to 2004 I had try in BCA from IGNOU. But along with job and because strict rules/regulation of IGNOU, I was failed to complete the BCA within time. Finally i have completed BCA from YCMOU this year 2015 (In distance education mode).
    Currently my job profile is like management kind of work. So to achieve a certain position in company or to apply for job in another company, I need some extra qualification like MCA or MBA. I also cleared ATMA MBA entrance exam by 67.82 percentile. I have shortlisted some universities/institute to do MBA in distance education mode like Bharati Vidyapeeth, IGNOU, YCMOU, NMIMS, Welingkar. Because full time or part mode is not suitable for my work time so i need distance education mode only.
    Request you to please suggest & guide me for above mentioned condition or suggest if any other way. Thanks for kind help.
    Prashant Desai

  3. I have taken admission in Welingkar Hybrid program through EINS education on the promise that they provide classes and seminars in Delhi. However, they can't do so legally. I am in a fix, I have paid one third of the amount. What should I do? Shall I file an FIR against them?

  4. Its an eye opener for many innocent sedentary idiots who fall prey to such unscrupulous and dubious practices being in play by such utter nonsensical organizations!! Jaro is visiting for the placements drives at many colleges luring the freshers to enrol in their company.With a fallacious promise to reward them in reciprocity for their services; they are the bunch of fraudsters in tie and shoes


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