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How this institute in Ahmadabad is misleading institute- Design Development Academy

Recently, I am seeing Gujarat particularly, Ahamadabad has become hub of degree scam institutes. First, the IIMTS and now, while researching I come across another private institutes whose website is lucrative, attractive and good for nothing.

I took little longer time to write about this institute. Once someone asked me about this institute and I was helpless to answer. This institute was not selling any degree, I could not find anything wrong. I did a little research and decided following parameters. 

1. Whether it is authorised to offer any course?
2. Whether it has any placement track?
3. Whether it has real tie up as it claims or it is false?

Unfortunately, I found this institute has some dubious act.

It claims it offers following courses
B.Sc. (Interior Designing)
B.Sc. (Photography)
B.Sc. (Graphic Design)
B.Sc. (Fashions and Textiles)

Since it is not a college, I further wanted to check from which university they are offering the course. I clicked on specific link, but it did not have any answer. 

It has listed following institute as its partner:
1. Edexcel (For BTEC)
2. University of Portsmouth, UK
3. Pacific University, India
4. De Montford University, UK

To clarify, any institute cannot offer a degree of foreign university without prior approval of UGC and AIU and any such degree stands invalid. This institute has not taken any such approval.

Further, Pacific is a private university and cannot offer any course outside its campus, it cannot add any partner institute and it cannot offer any course in collaboration. I have clarified it through my various article in the past. Please scan my blog. 

Then, I wrote to University of Portsmouth going further, They claimed that DDA/ DDI was just an agent for them to send students to the university. This university is a very reputed university in UK and never offered any course in India. 

Below is the reply for your reference:

Govind Sharma 

4 May

to info.centre
Dear Sir,

One institute in India (Design Development Academy Ahmadabad)  is using University of Portsmouth name and claiming to be offering courses viz. degree from this esteemed university. 

Below is the website

I will be highly grateful if you can confirm whether this institute is authorised by University of Portsmouth to offer any programme


I got following official reply from the university

Emma Schlesinger

6 May

to me
Boxbe  Emma Schlesinger ( added themselves to your Guest List | Remove them | Block them 

Dear Govind, 

Thank you for your email and your interest in the University of Portsmouth. 

You asked about our partnership with the Design Development Academy in Ahmadabad. We have had a link with them in the past and it was only this year that the partnership ended. They were sending students into our 3rd year of our BA Interior Design degree and were working as representatives for us. This has now ended and they are no longer working with us. I am sorry for any convenience and if you did want to find out more about on-campus courses then please do let me know? 

Kind regards, 



Emma Schlesinger

International Officer 
International Office | Nuffield Centre | St. Michael's Road | Portsmouth PO1 2ED | United Kingdom

I do not think I need further elaboration on the same.

So, the question is, these are the professional courses, people are least worried about recognition. What matter is placement and quality of education.
I investigated further and scanned the database of a leading job portal to find out if I can see any single students who have got a good placement and I scanned the all time database. I was shocked, I could not see more than few resumes thats too most of its employees only. So it seems the story of FALTU University of FALTU movie where they are keeping its students happy, busy in party and tour, parents spending money without recognizing what they are doing and students, too scared to tell the truth being a crime partner. 

This is the sad state of our education where it has become commodity and people are making money.

Disclaimer: I could not find any complaint online by any students or anybody about this institute hence it needs more elaboration and possibly, it may take time to get the truth about this organisation. I advise students and parents to do their own thorough investigation before taking any admission in this institute. It may be wastage of time and money for them.

Here is further update as on 01.06.2015
This institute shows pacific university as a partner. When I inquired about this Indian University (A private University), they denied of having any tie up or offering any course in Ahmadabad.

Below is the snapshot of the website

See the screenshot above, marked through red arrow.

And here is the reply from Pacific University

from:Govind Sharma,,
date:29 May 2015 at 10:02subject:About your relationship with Design Development Academy. according to our magic sauce.

Dear Sir,
an institute in Ahmadabad is featuring alliance university as their partner and the name of the institute is Design and Development Academy. Their website is

They are offering various courses in graduation level and you can see
please see the screenshot 
Inline images 1

Please see the screenshot, 

As far as I understand from the UGC Act and Supreme court judgment in prof. Yashpal case, a private university cannot offer any course outside its campus, cannot enroll any study centre, cannot offer courses through franchisee. 

Can you please provide more information whether you have actually authorised this institute to offer the course or what is their overall scope of work

Your reply is highly appreciated


and here is their response

info info

10:08 (22 minutes ago)
to me


Thanks for the Inquiry,

We do not have any Tie-up or any Institute in Ahmedabad.

Thanks & Regards

So what else need to be explained as this reply from the university (Pacific University), itself is self explanatory.


  1. Dear Sir,

    I had written few questions to you asking about academic guidance, but I guess you are busy. Please can you provide your inputs. My education is Dip E&C Engg and want to do recognized Degree from Dubai.

    1. Currently IGNOU is not taking new admissions here so BCA/ MCA option is closed.
    2. There are others like Madurai Kamaraj (option of 2nd year lateral entry) and Bharadiar Univ, are they good?
    3. Finally is AMIE safe to start now considering the ongoing court case

    Any other option is welcome sir.

    1. Hi
      I have already replied on this

      1. IGNOU is doing it to avoid any clash with uGC
      2. If you are not looking for government recognition, then you should not opt. These universities (MKU) is allowed to offer only within the state through its affiliated colleges
      3. Yes, considering reputation, AMIE and AMIETE are safe, but you need to check how much it is accepted in private sector

  2. Dear Sir.. thank you for your reply. Its really surprising that one govt body (MKU or Bharadiyar etc) doesn't want to follow the rules laid down by another govt body (DEC/UGC) and are offering education, students are the ones suffering.

    Sir can you please throw some light on private institutes/ Univ offering degrees/ courses outside India. Specifically I am asking about..

    BITS Pilani in Dubai
    BITS Mesra in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE)
    and Manipal University in Dubai.

    On what basis have these institutes/ Univ open such huge campuses outside India do they have permission from UGC or DEC, Can the degrees be attested by MHRD, New Delhi, if not, then what is the fate of such certificates.

    1. BITS, Manipal all were a very good and reputed institute and even at par with IITs, but with time, they are hit by money bug. They are more interested to encash their brand value and making money. They even do not want to take UGC approval for opening such centre which cannot be open without prior approval. This approval is required specially considering in India, very few private and deemed university impart quality education and they want to make money.
      As far as certificate concern, private employers will accept them till a lid of a can full of worm is not opened. I do not see any difference between IIPM and these private and deemed universities making money. IIPM only had fought with them and reluctant to go by rule and did not establish itself as a private university, which it could do by paying money to the state legislature and ministers and continued with its scam with a fake institute establishing in Belgium.
      The moment quality of the people passing out from Manipal, BITS campusses abroad start getting deteriorated, they will meet the same fate of IIPM and other institutes. In government job, it may not be valid and who is mad to pay almost half a crore for these courses and to opt a government job.
      It also need to look as a herd mentality of we, the people who want to spend so much money and want to get a job of few lakhs and nobody want to invest those in the business and create more employment opportunities.

  3. Hi Govind,

    I really appriciate your patience answering all the queries...i am sure this blog might have shown the way to many students...I need your help me show me the path..i did Dip ECE 2003 pass out. due to other reasons i could not able to finish IETE. i tool admission in CMJ for BTECH and seems that is fake university...i dont know what to do now..i was getting call from Satyabhama university chennai and alagappa university chennai thru distance mode Btech. are these universities are valid? the main reason i need degree was i need to move to USA through H1/L1 as i am currently working in MNC. Please give me your valuable suggistions...waiting for your reply..thank you so much..

    1. Have these universities contact you directly? I doubt, it must be from their agent or a fake institute claiming certificates from these institutes.
      CMJ was a private university and it ran a big, a very big degree scam. It was- you approach them, tell them what degree you want, pay the money and get mark sheet printed.

      Alagappa is neither authorised to offer B.Tech through distance mode nor offer the same. The dgeree offered to you is a fake one and printed by those agents. You should call the university directly.
      AICTE has put ban on all distance education engineering programmes so even if universities are offering them, they are invalid

  4. Sir i did msc physics from annamalai uni in 2006 i attended pcp and practical at uni campus onlu bt gave theoey exams at delhi centre what may be future

    1. it is fully valid and you do not need to worry. The territorial jurisdiction issue is only for those completes it after 2009

  5. Thanks Mr. Govind for your clarification about BITS and Manipal. One more very very very reputed institute which operates here in Dubai is XLRI, who conduct evening classes and provide PGDBA. Is this also the same like BITS etc.

    1. The XLRI programme is a satellte programme and nowhere equivalent to its full time 2 years PGPM programme. I do not suggest to opt it as it really does not help to get good placement

  6. Sir plz investigate about new world mission dunamis international university and othr centers at ind

  7. Sir, I appreciate your efforts to save the students from such institutes. Sir what can be the legal actions one can take against such institutes? what proof one needs to file a case against such institutes?

    1. Thanks

      One can file a criminal case of criminal forgery and cheating and misleading against such institute.

      To file a case, you already have proof above. If it claims it is awarding degree, then it has to be a college. To be a college, first it needs to have a trust/ society registered and then a college established and should have approval from department of higher education of the respective state government. You may ask institute to provide the same.
      Further, to offer a course, any institute has to affiliate themselves with a state university who has jurisdiction to offer course in Ahmadabad or that particular city. ask them to provide affiliation certificate. Please note that any college cannot affiliate itself to a private or deemed university and not even to an international university. If they do not provide it, that is enough.

  8. Sir What if someone is holding a degree from such institute? can one get an admission in PG or MBA on such degree?

    1. No. How this institute can award a degree when it is not a college and not affiliated to any university? As both the UK and Indian University have clarified that they do not have any relationship with this institute and then is not there a chance that the degree may be fake and this institute is misleading students? If he degree is fake, how one can take admission to PG?

  9. dear, sir

    i m a student of design development academy ahmedabad.1st year actually i m thinking of leaving this institute...because its a some like
    . i had experience this..they are still showing us about EDEXCEL.UK. and taking admission ..they still says that they had tie-up with EDEXCEL..and now they say that they has tie-up with I.T.M. VARODA.GUJARAT. m still confused...not showing marks ... they are not giving us answer please can u suggest ..
    thank you


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