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AICTE approved private universities in India

People asked me query about many private universities opened like mushroom during rainy season. They are armed with many false claim like their degrees are completely valid, they do not need AICTE approval and they are citing the old case of Bharathidasan University vs AICTE. This is the old case and after that. Please read following article for more details:

Clarification on whether a University need approval from AICTE for engineering, technology and management programme

I am not an AICTE or such regulating body fan. They are neck deep down in corruption and in fact have never contributed for the development of the quality of higher education. We also cannot deny the fact that, in the absence of these bodies, quality of our education would have gone down far below standard. Look at the case of degree scams by private universities. 

Whether you love or hate, you have to be abide with the law. A AICTE not approved degree later causes lot of headache including denial of admission, denial of private sector job and so on. Private universities in India are poorest in quality and just extracting money from students. Take any name, Ansal, Manav Bharati, Monad, Techno Global and so on.

Below mentioned private and deemed universities only have AICTE approval. 


1. Jaipur National University, Jaipur Rajasthan
2. Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
3. Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur

It is surprising. Rajasthan has total 38 private universities as on today, however, only 3 has AICTE approval. Should not it be the case that any institute / university before offering courses should have first AICTE, BCI, PCI, NCI, NCTE, MCI and such other bodies approval? and what the hell 38 private universities doing in Rajasthan where it lacks in quality except one IIT and few handful state universities? Rajasthan is becoming another scam place for degree selling universities. 

Arunachal Pradesh
None of the private universities (Total 7) in Arunachal Pradesh has AICTE approval. Assam is the most developed state in north east and still it has just 4 private universities and poorest Arunachal already has 7 private universities. The gainer must be ministers.

Assam has 4 private universities and none of them have AICTE approval. Don Bosco and Assam Down Town had approval when they were just a college. After they started as a university, they do not have approval. 

1. Dr. C V Raman University, Bilaspur
2. Kalinga University, Raipur
3. MATS University, Arang Kharora

Out of 8 private universities, only 3 have AICTE approval. Out of these, C V Raman and Kalinga are involved in degree selling rackets. 

1. Charotar University, Anand
2. C U Shah University, Wadhwan City, Surendra Nagar
3. Ganpat University, Mehsana

so, Gujarat has 16 private universities who does not have a good institute of reputation featuring at national level except IIM ahmadabad and IIT Gandhinagar, but still has 16 private universities. Out of these Rai University is a degree scamster which seems to have Narendra Modi Backing (Owner of Rai and EIILM are same).  Among private universities, Nirma and dhirubhai Ambani are good, although they do not have AICTE approval. They are backed by the corporate. Team Lease is another private university seems to be founded by HR company Team Lease. That may be also good. Calorx is a university involved in degree selling scam. 

1. Al Falah University, Faridabad
2. Maharshi Markandeshwar University, Ambala

Haryana has 16 universities and out of these, only 2 universities have AICTE approval. Out of this GD Goenka and BML Munjal seems to be good as they belong to corporate (BML Munjal to Hero group and chances that they will absorb more students in their companies. However, there is complain (unofficial, yet to be verified about this university). Ansal is a fraud university who are making false claim in their website and with big advertisement. O P Jindal is another private, but corporare university. I hope this will be still better than above mentioned AICTE approved universities.

Himachal Pradesh
1. Eternal University, Baru sahib, Simour
2. Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Solan

So out of 14 private universities, only these 2 universities in Himachal has AICTE approval. The names of these private universities funniest such as Agrasen, Shoolini, Sai and so on. It seems they are selling temples and not the degrees. Himachal, failed to produce any good universities, I do not know what they are going to do with these ever growing stupid private universities. 

Jharkhand has 3 private universities - Sainath, Rai and ICFAI. ICFAI is involved in selling unrecognized degree and just a money making game, so the ICFAI. Sainath is involved in degree selling scam and many people confirmed buying degree from it. 
None of these 3 universities have AICTE approval.

Karnataka has total 9 universities  including Azim Premji university (which does not offer engineering and management programme and a very reputed institutes) other includes highly advertised Alliance University and another Rai university. It seems few colleges have upgraded themselves to private universities and earlier they had AICTE approval. None of the private universities in Karnataka has AICTE approval.

Meghalaya has 7 private universities and all of the known name such as MGU or Mahatma Gandhi University, CMJ or Chandra Mohan Jha and Techno Global University are degree sellers, faking and selling degrees all over the world and UGC, state government is silent over it. I have roll no of few students who never saw the face of Techno Global University campus whose enrollment no was verifiable on its website but sure, soon going to disappear.
None of these 7 private universities have AICTE approval and very poor in quality. ICFAI too has a shop here, what they sell, they only know but I am sure these are poorest in quality. 

Mizoram has only  private university i.e. ICFAI and it does not have AICTE approval.

Madhya Pradesh
1. AISECT University, Bhopal
2. ITM University, Gwalior
3. RKDF University, Bhopal

Out of 13 private universities, only 3 have AICTE approval. Welcome to the land of degree scam universities. You will find degree selling Swami Vivekanand University here, you will find another Amity University here and so on.

 Maharashtra has only 2 private universities so far, Amity and Spicer both do not have AICTE approval. Soon, you will find many private degree selling and money making university here.

Nagaland has 2 private universities (The Global Open University and ICFAI), TGOU VC got arrested for degree scam and ICFAI is another controversial. Both do not have AICTE approval.

1. Centurion University

Odisha or Orissa has only 3 private universities, Sri Sri, Xavier and Centurion. Only Centurion University has AICTE approval and it is not so reputed institute and not reported any degree scam from this university so far.

1. Chitkara University 

Punjab has total 10 private universities so far and only 1 institute has AICTE approval. Out of these, Lovely Professional, Chadigarh University and desh Bhagat are highly advertised universities but not sure about their quality. Out of this, one of my blog reader informed that  Lovely is very good in quality and curriculum, students need to verify the same.

Welcome to the state of universities scam in India. A state which does not have a basic infrastructure and not a single state universities (still north Bengal University serve colleges in Sikkim) has allowed  5 private universities in Sikkim and all of them are running degree scams and selling. They are EIILM (almost closed down now), Sikkim Manipal, ICFAI, Vinayak Mission- all running degree scams and selling like peanuts on road and Ramaswamy University.

It has only one private university, ICFAI and it does not have any AICTE approval. 

Uttar Pradesh
Welcome to the land of politically and civil service wise intelligent, home of few top world class universities like BHU, IIT Kanpur, IIM Lucknow, Lucknow University, Aligarh Muslim University  and also land of degree scams. When people cannot pass anywhere in India, they head to UP to get their SSC and HSC certificate, where copying is fashion and a parallel thousand crore business and now it is supported with so many private universities. 

1. Shiv Nadar University

Wow, there are 22 private universities in UP, the land where you can buy degree. Everyone claims through advertisement they are best- Amity, Sharda, Glocal, Ramswaroop Memorial, Teerthankar Mahaveer, Shobhit, Rama, Mangalayatan, Integral, GLA.

Shiv Nadar only a respectable private universities in UP. Look at Shobhit how it ran the scam for a very long time. 

Uttarakahnd has 9 private universities, none of them so known, none of them reputed and none of them have AICTE approval.

West Bengal
Out of the 5 private universities, none of them have AICTE approval. As on April 23, 2015, there are 207 private universities and if we carefully examine, even not 20 of them have capability of delivering programmes. Why the hell do we need so many private institutes then. Are government, MLAs and authorities are making money out of this? What is the future of students who are unaware about all these complexities? 

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