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an MBA HR for recruitment and talent acquisition or recruiter profile? Definitely not a good idea

After spending almost a decade in HR and self being holder of an MBA, I still have not understood why organisations need an MBA to handle recruitment profile,

Frankly speaking, none of the MBA courses in India offer a course in recruitment and even MBA HR does not have a course or syllabus in recruitment. Recruitment is a very specialized subject and it is both science and arts. It needs lot of skills right from selling to branding, negotiation and persuasion. 

Frankly speaking, my MBA degree taught very little about HR and more I learnt from my job, but my MBA degree did not teach anything about recruitment. 

I wanted to write a lot about it, but Vijay has already written precisely on this. Please read

I came across Vijay Anand L V around 3-4 years back (I don't remember exactly) and fascinated with his discussions on recruitment and his initiative- Hirington academy. In fact, he asked me multiple time to go through his courses, however I was not sure about making my career purely in recruitment, so avoided this. 

However, we cannot ignore the fact that MBA definitely not meant for recruiter and it is time for a specialised course in line with SPHR, Aon certification and such others.Let us see more about Hirington Academy and its courses.

As of now, Hirington offers following certification courses:

Certified Internet Recruiter

This course is good for those with 1 year's experience in recruitment and want to get a specialised skill. I am not sure this course will be how much useful for an experienced recruiter. I recommend this course only for MBA HR/ marketing fresher who want to make career in recruitment in a large organisation or with a recruitment firm, where demand for skilled recruiter is high.

Certified Interviewer

The course content seems to be good. To be frank, I have found excellent managers but very bad interviewer. This harms organisation badly, so their reputation. Following are the excerpts from Hirington website.
This program is designed for professionals who take interviews everyday and they need to know how to do a professional interview. The program is meant for anyone wanting to upgrade their skills on taking interviews.

Duration     Min 15 hours (In-person – based on audience volume),
3 days a week (2 hours per day for online training).

Program Cost    
5,000 INR (Five thousand rupees only) per participant.

I recommend this to every managers involved in hiring.

Recruitment Process Auditing

This is not the course, rather a process. Many time, whether a recruitment firm or corporate wonder why they are not able to recruit right people and not able to fill the position. This auditing will surely help them and organisation must use it once.

Certified Recruitment Manager

This course is must and good for all the HRBP, recruitment and talent manager.

Duration     Min of 20 hours – Max based on the volume plus real time assessments.
Out station participants who would like to have In-person training would have to bear travel and boarding cost (Actual) apart from the Training Fee.
Program Cost   
10,000 INR (Ten thousand rupees only) per participant. Participation fees are 100% advance and can be paid as cash or through cheque (In the name of Vijay Anand L V)

Certified Recruitment Program level 1,2 and 3

I recommend this course for entry level recruiter and HR professionals as well as those in their MBA final year.
The courses are offered as
Certified Recruitment Analyst (CRAn)
Certified Recruitment Professional (CRPro)
Certified Recruitment Expert (CREx)

Duration     Min. 60 hours for all the three levels (1-2 hours per day)

Program Cost - 15,000 INR (Fifteen thousand rupees only) per level / participant.

Certified Social Media Professional

The course should have been actually renamed as Certified Social media recruiter.
Today, hiring just through Naukri or job portal is not enough. There is trend for social media recruiter (yes, I too do that, I use Linkedin, I use twitter, I use blog, but the conversion rate is very low, because it is continuous process and not when you need it. 
Social media indicates the interactions among people in which they like, create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. In today's world, everyone is virtually available in Social Media for different needs. It is a one such platform where organizations can leverage themselves without incurring much cost and can build a great brand for themselves.

It is very much important for the organization to attract their target audience using social media strategies.

10,000 INR (Ten Thousand Rupees Only) per person – Min. 20 hours of training plus real-time assessment on each module.

Certified Placement Professional

This course is targeted at placement officer and placement managers of B schools and engineering colleges.
Most of the Placement Officers don’t possess a recruitment background. Client always wanted to discuss about their recruitment plans with the person who understands end to end recruitment. But not with someone who is experienced in different industry and has also taken the role of TPO in the institution.

Certified Recruitment Analytics Professional

This is time for analytics and HR cannot be separated from analytics. HR analytics is not a rocket science, but this science need to be acquired and practiced. Most of the organisation has HRM tools, but there are many who does not have a specific tools. This course will help them. 

Please visit following website to know more about Hirington and its programmes

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is neither a paid nor a sponsored article. I have taken almost care while writing this article, you may exercise your own judgment while enrolling for the course. I strongly recommend these courses as they are reliable and come from an expert. 

Happy learning

June 28, 2015

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