Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to write 1 page resume for mid level career professional

Hello Friends,

Many times people ask me, how long should my resume be?

You will hear most of the people from the HR fraternity asking, your resume should be 1 page. In any case, it should not be more than 2 pages.

Why resume length matter?
Today, time is precious. Nobody has time to go through a long, detailed documents. For HR, for recruiters, initial few seconds, let's say 30 seconds are crucial. When we go through your resume, if we do not get what we want in the initial few seconds, whatever good you are, we cannot proceed further.
That’s why your resume length matter to us.

How is it possible to explain everything in 1 page?
Who told you that you should mention everything in your resume?
First of all, remember, it is your resume. It is not your marriage proposal. It is possible.

What should I include in my resume?
You should include

1.      Your name, 
2.     Your address, 
3.     Your date of birth, 
4.     Your email address, 
5.     Your contact no, 
6.     Your LinkedIn ID (not mandatory though)
7.     References
8.     Companies where you worked
9.     Duration of your job
10. Designation
11. Your skill set
12. Responsibilities you have handled
13. Professional association

Is it possible to include all those points in a 1 page resume?
Yes, it is possible. Recently, one of my friends approached me for designing his resume. When I saw his resume, it was lengthy 6 pages. It had many unwanted details. Here is the sample of the resume I created. 
Copy of Resume sample 1 page accounts

Great! What should not I include in my resume?
1.     You should avoid following content in your resume
2.     Your spouse details
3.     Your height
4.     Your weight (come on, you are not applying for army job)
5.     Your reporting head
6.     Your team size
7.     Your achievements
8.     Your role in sentence style (I am handling XYZ activities)
9.     Non required qualifications. You must have done lot of degrees as a matter of interest, but HR and recruiters are least interested for this. Please include only relevant qualifications.
10. Avoid writing your political affiliation. 
11. Don't mention reason for leaving. 

What additional care I should take?
Do not keep font size too small. At least it should be 10.
Use commonly available fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman
Do not use too much colour or variations. Two colours preferably blue and black are enough
Do not write in much details about old job.Just brief about that. HR may not be interested in what you did 10 years back. 
Review your resume always before sending for a job. Add, modify and improve.
Never mention the job as your experience which you have not handled or you cannot handle at least.
Never lie about your achievement. 

For all these kind of information, there will be HR round, there will be interviews and HR will find it out. No need to include all these in your resume.

I hope these tips are useful for you to improve your resume and also for your job hunt.

Wish you all the best.
October 04, 2015

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