Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Interested in free Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship course online- here you go

I have been browsing through iversity course and then stumbled upon this course.

Since the course content is already mentioned in iversity website, I am simply reproducing it here.
This is self paced course, but I advise you to start by second November when course starts and participate in the discussion.

About this course

Social innovations, i.e. new social practices, are everywhere and largely influence our lives: they change the rules of the game in business, civil society and politics. With social innovations, we can design social practices that are more beneficial, sustainable or just.
But what are social innovations? And what effects can they have? This course is an introduction to the topic. You will gain an overview of what social innovations are, how they function and how they can be developed.

What will I learn?

You will learn what social innovations are and understand how they can help solve societal problems. You will get an overview of important literature and debates on social innovation.
You will also learn and apply methods to develop, implement and scale social innovations. Exercises will allow you to apply the methods, develop your own ideas and gather first-hand experiences.

What do I need to know?

This is an introductory course. Previous knowledge is not required. The course is designed for people interested in understanding and/or designing societal change.

Course Structure

This is a self-paced course. This means that once the course initially begins, you can make your way through the course chapters at your own pace, without time pressure or deadlines.

Chapter 1: A New Innovation Paradigm

In this chapter, you will learn what “social innovation” means. You will get an overview of how social innovations can be developed and implemented. Also, we explain the differences between all the “social” something-concepts like social business, social entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibilities.

Chapter 2: The Spectrum of Social Innovation

There are different forms and formats of social innovation. Gain an overview of the variety of social innovations in this chapter. Specifically, you learn about social innovations that origin in civil society, business, and the social sector. Moreover, you will learn about cross-sector social innovations.

Chapter 3: Broaden your Horizon: Questioning the Existing and Recognising Challenges

Social innovators see opportunities where others see problems. Learn to change your perspective in order to recognise opportunities to solve societal problems with social innovations.

Chapter 4: Designing and Implementing Social Innovations: Tools

Design Thinking and Lean Start-up will help you to design social innovations together with your (future) beneficiaries. Furthermore, you learn how you can convince others by using effective storytelling.

Chapter 5: Designing and Implementing Social Innovations: Learning from Others

You will learn how others developed and implemented social innovations and how they learned to overcome resistance. Also, you learn about typical mechanisms of social value creation.

Chapter 6: Impact and Vision

In this chapter, you learn how to analyse the impact of social innovations and how you can increase the impact of social innovations using specific strategies of scaling and replication. Also, our experts will provide some suggestions and tips for future social innovators.

How to enroll for the course?

Please visit following link and enroll. If you need certificate, you need to pay, otherwise there is no cost.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I am doing job in Saudi Arabai since 14 years so I wantEd to do an MBA distance from Indian University. Suddenly I visited the Jaipur National University (UTS Pune) distance learning. I chat with the counselor and informed him that my graduation pattern was 10+2+2 from Calcutta University in the year 2000. After discussing they send an email to me that I am eligible for MBA course and ask me to pay the full amount INR 60000 .They have pressurized me to pay full fess but I payed 1st installment INR 30000 + INR 5000 for additional specialization. After taking admission they again asked INR 7000 for courier to Saudi Arabia whicg during conversation they said it is included. Total till now I paid INR 42000.Few days back I received an email from UTS to send Post Dated Cheaque of the reaining amount. Recently I discussed with a education counselor of different Institute, he told me that for MBA 10+2+3 is compulsory, now I am afraid that may be I have become a victim of Scam. I requested a counselor( Manmit Talmale) of UTS to cancelled my admission and refund my fees. UTS counselor told me that they will not refund money.Kindly advice me what to do, I want my money back.

    1. Dear Ferozul,
      The counsellor is right.
      First of all, to pursue any pot graduate degree in India, you must have a bachelor's degree of minimum 3 years duration.
      If you have passed degree of old 2 year pattern, first you need to complete 1 year bridge course.
      Second, Jaipur National University is not authorised to offer any course outside its campus and UGC has strictly said that no complete online course to be offered. Second, Jaipur National is not allowed to appoint any franchisee to offer courses, University has to directly deal with the students.

      First of you warn them to take legal action also send the same notice to Jaipur National University.
      File a complaint at http://dpg.bharatsarkar.nic.in/ about UGC for not taking action against Jaipur National University
      You should also complaint about UTS at
      http://core.nic.in/ for unfair practice and keeping you in the dark about eligibility criteria

  2. Dear sir I am teacher in west bengal gov. Plz guide me from where i can do my b.ed course by distance education except ignou. Plz guide us


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