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Ten rules of impactful and meaningful leadership

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I have written previously about MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and enroll in many of them. However, my work schedule did not allow me to complete most of them. I found most of them very useful. I have deep interest in social entrepreneurship and wanted to take my learning to next level. Thus, I enrolled for various program offered by Barkley Haas in collaboration with Philanthropy University (actually it is not a university). 
The good news is, this program is free of cost now. 
The bad news is, from next session, this program is going to be paid one. 
So, I thought not to miss this and complete the course. One of the program for which I enrolled is: Leadership- Ten rules for impact and meaning. I am enjoying its each content. 
So, I thought to make a summary of learning and linking this with my own corporate and social experience. 

The three interconnected principles:

1. Be a giver: As a leader, we should be a giver. Giving brings lot of love and happiness. It is all  about giving your time, giving your resources, love and so on. I have a friend, a friend for life who truly believer of this principle. I have seen him giving whatever he has, without thinking even he need those things and what I saw that he is a very successful entrepreneur today. 

2, Be an earner: We can give when we earn. Earning is not just about earning money and wealth. It is all about earning knowledge, earning respect, wealth, partnership and fame. We need to earn them through your positive and affirmative actions. 

3. Be sustainable: Sustainability is all about taking care of your all the stakeholders.It focuses on them and ensure that nobody lose their legal and natural rights. Be it our planet, our family, our friends, our investors and it is a holistic approach. 

When you start an enterprise or  business, think about all these. Like we have planned to start Samvad foundation and NAME foundation. both of them exist for two different reason. Samvad focuses on better governance and people's right through advocacy as its giving activities. It also has to sustain, thats why it is going to start lot of capacity building program, support and training to earn revenue. While doing so, it will ensure that all the stakeholders are taken care of. for more information, please visit
NAME foundation is more focus on livelihood intervention and building brand for name community. You may visit its ad hoc website to know more. 

The ten rules are as follows:

1. I aim, therefore I am: Decide your aim, what is our end goal of whatever we are doing. If we do not have end goal in mind, we cannot link our purpose of existence.

2. Design organically: Do not put lot of control in your organisation's structure. Many time, organisation feel that by putting lot of control, they can enhance productivity. That never happens. Better, you tell them what do you expect from them end of the day, end of the week, end of the month and end of the year and let them do whatever they want to do.

3. Have people with required skill: We should surround ourselves with those whose skills and gifts will enhance our own performance. Do not bother about cost, do not feel insecure if your team member has better skill. That is bound to happen. I know an HR leader who was very strong in interpersonal skill, very good in team handling but wasn't strong in payroll and compliance. She gave her team member free hand to move around. She never felt insecure. That should be a leadership spirit.

4. Collaborate to accelerate: Remember, we cannot do everything by our own and we are not master of everything. So have competent team to handle the task and collaborate.

5. Common shared values and goal: It is good to have a goal, but it is very important to have a common goal and a common agenda. We, our team members and different stakeholders should be in same page, in same understanding to create win win situations and as a leader, it is our responsibility to pass the communication..

6. Make stakeholders delighted: Our employee, our customers, people around us, our society, our government and everyone who has direct or indirect relationship is our stakeholders. A leader must have ability to take care of all stakeholders and make them delighted. We must ensure and measure how our each action has positive impact on them.

7. Take risk: No risk no gain is mantra. Those who are hiding in their safer cocoon never grow. We have seen many time generation after generation running same provision store, no change in that, no expansion and many such thing. We have seen people working in the same designation and same salary or with very slow monetary and role growth and not changing organisation, why? Because they have developed the comfort zone. I met at least 2 area managers in a FMCG retail organisation. They are with the same organisation for almost 20 years. Same role and drawing half of the salary compared to their counterpart. When I asked them if you are not growing why are you not leaving the job. Their answer was safety. Even if they do not perform for 1 or 2 quarter, this organisation is not going to throw them out. With such mentality, neither they are growing nor their organisation. In other hand, I have a very close friend. I had placed him for a well paid job almost a decade back. He left the job within 3 months and started his own venture. Today, his organisation has turnover of 3.5 million Rs much higher than what he could earn in the job, Life and leadership is all about risk taking. Higher the risk, greater the success.

8. Execution: A good leader is not only a good planner, rather a good executor too. Mere planning does not help. Even the best strategies will fail if they are not properly executed. Share your story shows how your success can be accelerated when audiences embrace your stories of struggle and achievement. In order to ensure our strategies are effective, we have rule number eight, exceptional execution. Exceptional execution can be defined in four words, what, how, who, and when.

9. Amplify: A good leader is an amplifier. He plan, he strategies, he execute and show way to the world. You may be a good planner, but you also need to be a good executor. You also need to be an amplifier. You should be able to tell the people how you achieved this and you may able to show the world. Arunachalam Muruganatham is such an example. He was a poor guy. When he saw that his wife is using clothes as they could not afford a sanitary pad, he decided to make a sanitary pad. He experimented, he failed. People told him insane, his wife abandoned him but he did not give up. Finally he succeeded to make affordable sanitary pad, scaled it up and now many state government in India has adopted his model and he is sharing it, amplifying it. He exemplify a true leadership quality.

10. A good leader is a good resource mobiliser : a leader must be able to drive ideas, expertise, community, events, and crowds to the traditional measurement of value. It is all about taking other along with you.

Thats all for today. If you are interested for this course, enroll now before it gets over.
Click following link for MOOC on leadership from Barkley Haas.

Following are the quote from the course video

If it's not right, don't do it; if it's not true, don't say it. --Marcus Aurelius One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested. --E. M. Forster Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners. --Laurence Sterne Advance and never halt, for advancing is perfect. --Khalil Gibran Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. --Helen Keller


  1. I wish to add one more Rule which I feel has deep impact on achieving the ultimate goal “CREDIBILITY”.
    This point relates to keeping the commitments or words. If the leader has no credibility in the eyes’ of the stakeholders this leader will never succeed in goals how much qualified or skillful he/she is.


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