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UAE government does not recognize distance education degree

UAE ministry of education, approved online degree

I am sure you are shocked by this headline and it is true.

Saqib , one of my blog reader actually constantly asked me about validity of distance education program offered by Indian Universities and this compelled me to conduct further research and the result is, this article before you.

Indian Universities like Madras, Bhartidasan, Madurai Kamraj , Jaipur National University and few other private universities are running big degree scam in the Middle East. They are charging almost Rs. 3 lakhs to students, despite knowing any distance learning program is not valid in The Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah etc.). 

What is the stand of UAE government ministry of education on degree awarded by Distance Learning mode?
The UAE government has banned/ not recognized any kind of distance, offline, correspondence degree program.
As a policy, they have recognized only online program (degree/ masters) of selected university where the program is in interactive mode. As of now, online degree of only 4 countries are recognized.

Which are those countries?
The United Kingdom (UK)
New Zealand
United States of America (USA)

Is every institute from these countries valid and recognized in UAE?
No, only selected few institutes are recognized.

Which are those institutes? the list is as on July 26, 2017
New Zealand (Total 5)
Massey University

University of Auckland

University of Canterburry

University of Ottago

University of Waikato

Country: Australia (Total 21)
Australian National University

Curtin University of Technology

Deakin University

Macquarie University

Queensland University of Technology

RMIT University

Griffith University

Monash University

University of Adelaide

University of Melbourne

University of New South Wales, Australia

University of New England, Australia

University of New Castle, Australia

University of Queensland

University of South Australia

University of Southern Queensland

University of Tasmania

University of Technology, Sydney

University of Wollongong

University of Western Australia

University of Sydney

United Kingdom
Aberystwyth University

Lancaster University

Bristol University

City University, London

Oxford Brookes University

Goldsmith College

Queen's University, Belfast

Durham University

Queen Mary University of London

Royal Holloway University of London

London School of Economics

King's College, London

School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Loughborough University

Swansea University

University of Aston

University of Aberdeen

Staffordshire University

University College London

University of Bath

University of Birmingham

University of Brunel

University of Cambridge

University of Cardiff

The University of Edinburgh

University of Essex

University of East Anglia

University of Exeter

University of Dundee

University of Glasgow

University of Kent

University of Keele

University of Leicester

University of Manchester

University of Liverpool

University of Leeds

University of Newcastle

University of Nottingham

University of Reading

The University of Sheffield

University of Oxford

University of Southampton

University of Stirling

The University of Strathclyde Glasgow

University of Surrey

University of Warwick

University of York

USA (Total 33)
North Carolina State University

Northwestern University

Carnegie Mellon University

Cornell University

Pennsylvania State University

Columbia University, New York

Rutgers University

Michigan State University

Indian University

New York University

Johns Hopkins University

Harvard University

Texas A & M University

University of California San Diego

University of California , Irvine

University of California Berkeley

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Georgia

University of Florida

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

The University of Maryland

University of Minnesota

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

University of Pittsburgh

University of Southern California

The University of Texas Austin

The University of Utah

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Pennsylvania

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Yale University

Washington University in St. Louis

What is the source of this information?
Ministry of education, UAE. Website link

Is any other institute offering online course valid?

What is the fee of these institute?
It depends. The approx cost for online MBA program from an Australian University is US$ 18500 or AED 60000 or INR 1200000

If you do same from a New Zealand institute i.e. Auckland University, the cost is approx 45000 New Zealand Dollar which translates to around 2200000 INR, 123000 AED, 33300 US$. The same from a USA university is around 35000 USD, and for a UK University the cost is GBP 12000 approx. Again it depends from institute to institute.

What should I take care?
Beware from any false advertisement
Beware from any institute with similar name. that's why I have given exact URL of each institute. If any partner institute is offering in UAE, please verify direct with the university.

I have studied through distance learning mode/ online mode and my university is not from the above approved list. Do I need to worry?
Well, it depends on your employer. Government may not cancel your job , visa but it largely depends how your employer behave. Yes, if you apply for a job where the qualification is mandatory to perform the job and visa is granted on that basis, then it is definitely problem for you. For example, those who have B.Sc. Nursing in distance mode from Annamalai University or IGNOU and working in UAE, they may not be able to continue further.

Do I get any financial Assistance?
Please check with the respective institute for their policy.

If I need any further help?
you may contact us but that service will be chargeable. You are free to decide the amount you have willingness to pay.

Please note, I'll not respond to any query such as please tell whether this university is valid etc etc as this has been already answered. All logical comments and query are welcome.

Do you know ?
Simplycareer does not accept any advertisement and any kind of gratification in kind and cash from any institute. This is very important for maintaining natural. To know more and contribute, please click

July 26, 2017

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  1. Dear Mr. Govind,
    While browsing on the net I came across your blog. It is very informative. I have a query. We are in Dubai. My son has completed his BBA from Birla Institute of Technology (MESRA). Now he wants to do his MBA. There are two options available - 1. He does it from the same BIT,MESRA ( where there is no proper exposure for MBA, it will be just obtaining an MBA degree)

    2. Amity Dubai.
    I have read everything related to Amity on your blog. But my son says that there is lot of exposure and the number of students are also much much more than in BIT.

    The MBA in Amity is just the double of what it will cost us in BIT, in terms of money. Please note that this is BIT, MESRA NOT BIT PILANI.

    I will be very grateful if you could reply soon as I have to take a decision.
    Thank you.


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