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Simply Career is one of the most visited career websites in India and for almost a decade, I am managing this free of cost, devoting lot of time on research. In fact, simply career has helped government and even forced them to take action. You may find this through the articles published on simplycareer and action taken by MHRD, UGC to EIILM, CMJ University, Jodhpur National University and so on .
Commercialisation and earning money  is fine. Advertising is also not an evil. But what I have found that once a career website starts accepting advertisement from institute, they lose credibility and ethics. Example is career 360 who once launched attack against IIPM and now for money advertising many such sub standard institutes and for my surprising, they started giving ranking too.

Simplycareer is something special and different when it comes to analysis. It is like a directory of research journal on education system where I have closely analysed and researched for more than 15 years. It is like a temple for me. It is a place where I have seen people crying, suffering due to duping by inefficient government machinery and corrupt higher education regulating body.I am ehere for providing solution.
When I founded simply career, I could have made it into a for-profit and accepted many advertisement offers, free plane ride by the institutes, would have accepted the bribe being offered, would have bowed down to the threatening and legal warning (Jaro was one of them).

I have to buy hosting, server, domain, spent on RTI, internet, electricity and so on. Due to my job, it is not easy to manage everything and I am not able to keep the content up to date and it needs money.
If everyone reading this temple of knowledge donated even Rs 10, I would have become a billionaire by now but that was never in my mind. I know people would not have done so. Due to this too, I am not able to reach larger audience which need advertisement, SEO, technical knowledge. I understand everybody will not and cannot donate and that's absolutely fine.

As a strategy, I have made option of pay as you wish module. This will have 2 benefits
1. Its upto people to donate whatever amount they deemed to feel fit for the various services being offered. I am sure I have saved lot of money and career of people.
2. This will help simplycareer to grow as a completely transparent, non sponsored and non aligned forum.

So please click on the donate now button and contribute to keep this great forum alive.

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